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0010784ScribusTablespublic2018-05-15 17:01
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Product Version1.5.0svn 
Summary0010784: State of the Art of Tables in 1.5SVN
DescriptionFollowing previous year GSOC, tables have been refactored into 1.5svn.

See also the forecasted table devs :

2015 REPORTs

Action on a set of selected cells

Once a set of cells is selected it is possible through the PP to change the width and color of the borders of the cell, change the fill color, change the paragraph's property or change the text style of the selection's text, or change the cell style to some of the cell defined styles.

- only the first (top left) cell is affected (the other selected cells dont change at all)


- when selecting another cell, it seems the PP doesnt allways update its display as for the cell style

- it seems that : when the shape of the frame has been changed into something not rectangle, the lines that are totally outside the shape of the frame are displayed when coloured (but not the parts outside frame of lines that are only partly inside frame).

- i understood that each cell can define its borders. since an inside line has 2 bording cells, it can be defined in 2 different ways. When conflicting, it is the widest border definition that wins and totally overwrite the other.

- the cursor keeps being an insert carret when moved to the PP. that is troubling.


Cell selection

Change size of column or arrow :
- insert carret inside one of the cells in edit mode (double click)
- bring mouse over one of the lines inside or border outside (except left or top borders) of the table: it changes into a double arrow. Then : click and drag enables to move that border or line and change width or height of that cell / column

Cell selection :
is uncommon and takes some time to understand.
- insert carret into one of the cell in edit mode (double click)
- bring mouse over external LEFT border or TOP border of the table : it changes into an single arrow
- click and gently drag : all cells betwen insert carret and the line where you have clicked get selected.
- go on moving the mouse : the selection changes according to mouse position. It is thus possible to select any rectangular group of cells, including single cells.
However this behaviour is uncommon. Expected = usual behaviour would have been to select the whole arrow / column when singleclicking.

Another way to select a set of cells is :
- go out of edit mode and select the table frame, or place the edit carret in one of the cells you dont want to select
- double-click-and-drag until you select the desired set of cells


Table & frame adjust

- adjusting the table is possible without changing the frame. It is thus possible to make the table smaller or wider than the frame (if wider it is partly hiden). So the User Experience is that both frame and table size are independant.
- BUT changing the frame automatically resizes the table to fit the new frame size, even if the table previous size was very different to the frame's size.
This contradicts the user's previous experience of having tables and frames independant sizes.

I suggest that this 2nd behavious should be changed to either :
- frame size changes do not change table size
or :
- frame size changes do change table size ONLY IF table size is full frame size.
or :
- This behavious could maybe be altered using a new option in the style of a table (and thus in the edit style window AND in the PP or context menu), with a checkbox for : "allways adjust frame to table and table to frame"


Table split :

i could merge 2 cells but could never have the "split cells" option active in the context menu (its allways greyed).
(even on a previously merged cell).

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related to 0008090 new Impossible to create a line colour for a table 
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2012-12-29 23:39

developer   ~0029522

Today test : Cell selection is now fine and "Table & frame adjust" is now much simplified and better.
Other bugs have not changed.

New related 0011302 : Undo is very limited on tables.


2013-12-20 08:49

reporter   ~0030934

Last edited: 2013-12-20 08:50

I've just tried the new table fetaure in 1.5.0svn and it looks like this is going to be a powerful tool.
I just wanted to add to the above that I consider the ability to vertically center text in a cell also to be an essential feature for tables.


2015-06-17 07:51

developer   ~0035414

Updated the issue text with text styles change on a row or column :

"Once a set of cells is selected it is possible through the PP to change the text style or paragraph property of the selection's text
only the first (top left) cell is affected (the other selected cells dont change at all)


2015-06-17 08:17

developer   ~0035416

I agree that "vertical centering" text is felt as required.

AMOF it should be default.


2016-04-23 17:06

reporter   ~0040406

Also the table borders cannot be set for rows, columns or the whole table.

For a hidden table you have to set border width for the whole table and for each single cell to Zero - and then you have to change the type of the line. Otherwise the changing of the line width has no effect (update document also doesn't help).


2017-07-23 08:16

reporter   ~0044198

Dear all,

I would strongly argue to step up Severity and fix the need for individual cell properties.

I am new, and not a active developer, but let me iterate a bit on this:
Having to set cell properties individually is killing Scribus usage for any table work document.
My personal story is that I have a workbook with 50 pages (out of many others) where tables are (my) styling solution for questions and testing options. See picture bellow - there are chunks of paragraph text aligned with testing options and additional information.
Not possible to do it differently in Scribus.
I need 1 simple thing - remove all lines to have a sort of styling sceleton of textboxes.

Time-wise it means 50 pages x 2 tables per page x 8 x 4 cells per page x 3 clicks (select cell, select line, set color to None) = 9600 clicks x 1,5 secs to do 3 clicks = 4 hours of clicking.
And this was just for 1 style change. 1 operation in style.

Typically there would be more then 1 tweak of cell style necessary. E.g. for picture I need to have top lines hairline style. This multiplies the time.
In addition, whenever I change table (add a row, column) it means additional work as default styling is applied.

I would qualify it as "tables are not working at all".

Could you reconsider? Not for me. But for Scribus.
I love it otherwise, have used it so far in no-tables environment, but I see this as feature to be working at least basically.
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01.jpg (57,313 bytes)   


2017-07-24 08:20

manager   ~0044205

yes, this is what i consider too: scribus does not yet have a table tool.

other people seem to be happy with the current state.

contributions are welcome, but -- as far as i know -- there might be work going on behind the scenes...


2018-05-15 17:01

reporter   ~0045252

I have found scribus is quite messy at applying styles to the tables and cells etc.. I guess this suggestion might help to the whole issue of styles applied to tables ?

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