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0001132ScribusStylespublic2011-09-15 10:37
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Product Version1.2 
Summary0001132: Styles should be separate from documents
DescriptionI would *love* to see the following feature in Scribus.

Currently, styles are attached to documents (and templates). If your project consists of multiple files, there is no easy way of making a change to a particular style that all pages use.

To deal with such problems, many applications define the concept of "projects". This way you have a single "project" file with all your styles in it. All your documents refer to this file as source of styles. I believe this would greatly simplify working with styles and the propagation of style modification between documents.

Another great idea is to have cascading styles, like in HTML...
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2004-09-21 03:26

reporter   ~0002446

Having styles stored separately from documents (by default or as an option) would greatly increase re-usability of styles, allow for creation of style libraries that multiple people can use etc. Such a feature is absolutely necessary if more than one person works on a project. BTW, you could still keep document-level styles.


2004-09-21 11:04

developer   ~0002449

Say for instance styles would work the same way as a library, one could have a basic library of styles he could pick styles from and use in any document. Would the Style menu then be only a view menu of the styles used in that particular document (much like a font and image tracker)? Working this way would be like having a *Style Server* handy. I don't think many programs offer a feature like this.

The *append style* command has its limit since you must first know in what document is which style, then import it... On the other hand, working with such a *style server* has at least one drawback: a change in a style would reflect on all documents using this style... An unaware user could face a big problem. Maybe a *synchronize styles* option would save the situation?

I like the idea which I find very refreshing and innovative! I think this is making good use of computing capabilities and could be very efficient in lots of production and creative environment.


2004-09-21 20:17

administrator   ~0002450

We will have cascading styles in 1.3. The other idea is a good one. We can see how to implement in 1.3.


2005-07-13 20:23

administrator   ~0005569

Maybe it would be useful to have at least three different types of external style sets available:

1. A project file as suggested by blazej. Such project files could be synchronised, so a change in the original file would affect all connected files.

2. A set of styles from a single document could be saved separately for reuse in other documents. This library would not synchronise, but instead save the time of creating the same style for similar publications over and over again.

3. A third option might be like the one in, where you can import styles from existing documents. An option to select the styles to be imported instead of importing the style set as a whole would be even better. Later on in development, this feature might also be applied to the OO.o import plugin.

In any case, it would of course be necessary to have a security mechanism in place to prevent the deleting of existing styles, i.e. if "paragraph_style" exists in both files, it would have to be added as "paragraph_style(1)" or something like that.


2005-07-14 00:28

reporter   ~0005573

christoph_s , you can already import styles from another document.

I agree that externally linked styles would be useful. Not worth thinking about until the new file format is in, but I think it might be relatively easy then.


2011-09-15 10:37

developer   ~0026874

Exporting (without renaming them !) the currently selected styles to a bunch of currently selected SLA files would help multiple files single project editing too.

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