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0001475ScribusInternalpublic2016-02-15 14:27
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Summary0001475: hyphenation: use soft hyphen character (U+00AD) instead signed by ITEXT CSTYLE 8th bit attribute
DescriptionAfter hyphenating, a 65k Scribus file (A4 format with 10k character text block) grew up to 1.9 MB. Almost every single character was maked with ITEXT. Working with Scribus becames a pain due slow response.

Additional InformationWill be a better aproach hyphenate with soft hyphen character (U+00AD) instead signed by ITEXT CSTYLE 8th bit attribute. More about soft hyphen:
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related to 0003094 acknowledged Add "hyphenation space" to hyphenation features (AKA hyphenation zone for ragged text) 
child of 0003828 acknowledged Metabug: Hyphenation 



2005-04-27 08:20

reporter   ~0004440

This is a known issue. The new format planned for 1.3 should alleviate the hyphenation problems, at least regarding how they're stored on disk.

There isn't much to be done about it in 1.2.x, unfortunately - there really isn't room to move on "better" hyphenation as far as I know.


2009-07-08 09:00

reporter   ~0022139

it seems that hyphenating via Extras->Hyphenate Text works fine now (i have single ITEXT for 1 paragraph).

But "Hyphenate Text Automatically During Typing" in document setup doesn't work at all for me. Even worse: it seems that when it is working, it still creates dozens of ITEXTs. I think this option should be removed, or changed to just call Extras->Hyphenate Text automatically for new text frames.


2016-02-15 14:27

updater   ~0038753

Changed summary description to better stand out in the Metabug ticket 0003828

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