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0015729ScribusStory Editor / Text Framespublic2024-03-15 17:49
Reporterpygmee Assigned To 
Status newResolutionopen 
Platformx86OSDebianOS VersionSid
Product Version1.5.5.svn 
Target VersionFuture Release - Nice to have 
Summary0015729: Orphans and widows options don’t behave as expected
DescriptionAll Orphans an Widows options (in styles or PP) aren’t applied correctly when using linebreaks frequently. There might be a misunderstanding between breakline an paragraph end.
Steps To Reproduce0. Create 2 linked frames
1. Create a style using "Do not split paragraph" option
2. In a text frame, write a line, breakline, write another, breakline…
3. Apply the style to all of them
4. Reduce the size of the frame containing text and see if the paragraph goes to the next frame (as expected)
Additional InformationSame behavior to be changed for "Don’t separate first", "Don’t separate last", "Keep with next"
Tagsorphan, paragraph, widow


has duplicate 0016487 closedjghali Widows/orphans feature and "keep with next paragraph" do not function 
has duplicate 0016515 closedjghali Widows and Orphans -- Do not split paragraph 
related to 0016514 new Widows and orphans issues 
related to 0010779 new widows and orphans: don't separate last n lines does not seem to work 



2019-07-01 10:49

developer   ~0046354

@pygmee : can you provide a sample document ?


2019-09-11 07:43

developer   ~0046659

i tag it as "minor" impact, but for advanced users, it’s really import to have orphans works consistently, of course
Orphansandwidows.sla (32,510 bytes)


2019-09-11 08:41

developer   ~0046660

Hello Pygmee, i tested your sample file and it demonstraites issues with orphans and widows.
I see there are some white and yellow backgrounds in your file. Do i understand well that yellow background show "how it should appear" ? (to achieve this yellow correct layout you could not rely on the "orphans / widows" attributes, but you had to change the frame size)
All styles are inline in your same file. Is it the same when those attributes are parts of defined style ?


2019-09-12 07:05

developer   ~0046667

lo JLuc, you’re right, i should have annotate the sample file. Yellow background is showing the result we expect.
On the left side, i tried to demo some options, they are all inlines but as i experimented the behavior is actually the same with a style (in fact, the option should work the same in both cases)

Another use case for a project i actually layout : you have inline images with a caption below. Setting a style on the image paragraph that say it could be kept with next paragraph don’t work


2021-02-21 21:14


i also do have this issue and was thinking in my settings were something wrong since I am not using sribus for so long. But for me this is a big issue since my file has a few hundred pages... So would be very pleasent if this basic function would work correclty :) wish I could support you to solve this problem


2021-02-21 21:16


I also think, that a lot of professionals do not use scribus because of this bug...


2021-06-29 20:05


not getting old...


2021-12-22 10:33

reporter   ~0049425

I am not very familiar with this bug tracker website, is there a way to upvote this issue? It eats up so much time to check long documents manually for orphans and widows, and anything done manually will get messed up when changes to the style or text frames are made...


2021-12-22 14:13

developer   ~0049426

@ewac not a vote, but you can "follow" this issue.


2022-10-24 20:34



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