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0015920ScribusLanguage Toolspublic2019-11-07 00:23
Reporterbinyomin Assigned Tojghali  
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PlatformLinuxOSUbuntuOS Version18.04
Product Version1.5.6.svn 
Summary0015920: Cannot get Hungarian hyphenation to work
Description(I tried it with the available 1.5.5 AppImage for Linux, for some unknown reason, I see no such option above for version.)

Improper hyphenation is provided for Hungarian input text.
Steps To Reproduce- New document
- Textbox, enter: asszonyt, nyugatról
- Set Language in Document properties to "Hungarian"
- Extras > Hyphenate text
- Resize box so it should hyphenate
Additional Information- For "asszonyt" it provides "ass-zonyt" instead of "asz-szonyt"
- For "nyugatról" it provides "nyuga-tról" instead of "nyugat-ról"

- See screenshot about hyphenation testing site, which uses same dictionary, and hyphenates correctly
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duplicate of 0003159 acknowledged Discretionary hyphenation support 



2019-11-06 21:37



2019-11-06 23:11

administrator   ~0047006

1) The kind of hyphenation used for word such as asszonyt is a the moment not supported
2) You are doing it wrong for setting document language, in the way you are doing it, the text you will have entered in text box will still use the language defined in File > Preferences. You have two options:

- Define document language in File > Preferences
- New document
- Textbox, enter: asszonyt, nyugatról
- Extras > Hyphenate text


- New document
- Open Edit > Styles
- Default Character Style > Advanced formatting > Language > Hungarian
- Textbox, enter: asszonyt, nyugatról
- Extras > Hyphenate text


2019-11-06 23:14

administrator   ~0047007

The case of "asszonyt" has in fact already an issue in the bug tracker. See 0003159 : Discretionary hyphenation support


2019-11-06 23:19

administrator   ~0047008

The case of of nyugatról is working properly if setting text language properly by one of the two ways I mentioned. I'm closing this issue as the other case has already issue 0003159 in the bug tracker.


2019-11-06 23:43

reporter   ~0047010

Thank you, the way you describe it is indeed working – but for new textbox only.

Still, I think that there is an issue here, since currently there is no way to correct the long pages I edited already. Furthermore, I am unable to find this information (which you shared about how to set language correctly) documented anywhere.

I only found a bug report which seemingly complains about similar issue (I don't understand completely why was it deemed irreproducible):

So, it would be great if either or both things could be corrected: 1. A way to correct textbox language afterwards and 2. proper documentation about setting language (or effective setting working, which affects changes, as normally expected by Document Settings).

I also tried to open the SLA file in text editor to compare the two text boxes (the properly and improperly hyphenated), but I see no difference which I could copy. Just one of them is working, the other is not – magic.


2019-11-06 23:48

reporter   ~0047011

Let me put this much simpler: the problem is that I see no way to change the hyphenation language of an already existing textbox/paragraph. This sounds to me as real problem...


2019-11-07 00:21

administrator   ~0047012

First define default character style language as I already described. Then use Windows > Text Properties > Language if necessary. Please ask any other beginner question in the appropriate section of This is not the place to do so.

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