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0003159ScribusGeneralpublic2019-11-06 23:23
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Summary0003159: Discretionary hyphenation support
DescriptionNew version of the AltLinux Libhnj hyphenator supports discretionary hyphenation (alternations at hyphenation points). Discretionary hyphenation is crucial for Catalan, Dutch, Hungarian, German (old orthography) and Swedish typesetting.


OOo issue with the new hyphenator and test data:


Test data:
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related to 0002527 closedchristoph_s Allow switching between traditional / standard and new German hyphenation as an alternative 
related to 0001108 assignedavox Let user specify hyphenation exceptions 
has duplicate 0004541 closedavox Glyph replacement in hyphenation 
has duplicate 0015920 closedjghali Cannot get Hungarian hyphenation to work 
related to 0004676 acknowledged feature to mark words as "do not hyphenate" 
related to 0008243 new A way to block "Hyphenate Text" for certain Paragraph Styles 
child of 0003828 acknowledged Metabug: Hyphenation 



2006-01-31 02:07

reporter   ~0008511

There is a bad issue number in the description.
The right one: ""


Test data:


2006-01-31 13:13

viewer   ~0008516

Thanks very much for those links. We do plan to enhance text layout in the next couple of releases.


2007-01-20 02:14

administrator   ~0014896

sorry, this wont make it into 1.3.4


2010-06-23 09:55

reporter   ~0024188

Update: Hyphen (or libhyphen), the new version of this hyphenation library of is a shared library under the different Linux distributions:

The code and the extended English hyphenation patterns contain some crucial hyphenation fixes ( didn't care about the hyphenmin values of the patterns, also apostrophe was a problem in hyphenation: Maybe this problem is related to Scribus, too.


2010-06-27 21:22



2010-06-27 21:25

reporter   ~0024249

Remark: This is perhaps related to the updating libhyphen. Recently in issue 0009194 the Hungarian hyphenation patterns were updated. One of the new features of this updated huhyphn was the "double digraphs" (see the linked documentation by nemeth). For example, Hungarian word "asszonnyal" hyphanated: "asz- szony- nyal". But it does not work in Scribus (see the attached screenshot).
So, with this updated patterns the Hungarian hyphenation is better, but it could be better, if libhyphen also been updated.


2010-06-27 21:33

administrator   ~0024250

That shows another ny in the text... ie asszony-nyal


2010-06-27 22:13

reporter   ~0024251

Yes, this is the right hyphenation: asszonnyal=asz|szony|nyal. Please read the mentioned documentation:


2013-02-16 09:36

reporter   ~0029845

Hi avox, I think this bug should be assigned to jghali too. As I see, he is updated libhyphen to latest 2.8.6 in trunk and 14x. See Rev 18144 and 18145. This patch should be resolve this issue. I will test it in Scribus trunk, if appear in "PPA for Scribus friends".


2016-02-15 14:34

updater   ~0038754

bubu, what's the status on this ?


2016-02-16 16:28

reporter   ~0038788

Kunda, this is still open. I talked formerly with László Németh (@nemeth, lead developer of Hunspell). He told: this feature in not only a library update. There are new features in libhyphen, what Scribus devs need to implement for this discretionary hyphenation support.

László, if you read this, can you explain? Do you have documentation for Scribus devs?


2016-02-21 03:38

updater   ~0038852

nemeth, ping


2016-11-29 13:38

reporter   ~0042570


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