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0001925ScribusGeneralpublic2020-02-20 07:25
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Summary0001925: Multiple users sharing one open document
DescriptionThere has been a fair bit of discussion on IRC etc about having multiple users able to edit a single document, probably via some sort of collaboration server.

Here's a bug for it. Please link useful wiki entries, bugs, mailing list posts, etc from here.

Please understand that there is NO ETA for this, nor any definite plans. Nobody is working on it. Collecting ideas and information now, however, will help make it easier and better if/when it is finally implemented.

This is not about things like linked text or WebDAV access to resources. Those, while also collaboration features and very useful, are not the same thing. This bug is specifically about multiple users working on a single Scribus document at the same time.
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2005-04-27 07:19

reporter   ~0004434

Reminder sent to: cbradney, kobuswolf, user180, PFJ

Adding you to the monitor list. You can use "unmonitor" if desired, but I know you're all interested in this.


2006-01-02 19:16

reporter   ~0007901

It would be very helpful already if a superset of common UNIX [read|write] PDF [print|annotations] style permissions can be applied to individual frames, pages or entire documents. With that, and support for I/O file streams [1924], one could implement a basic collaboration server with some quick python scripting.

I also like the idea of an external copy editor tool [2108], preferably web based. For instance, if I write a newspaper column, I would have write permissions to the text frame that contains my column. A python script would then return the formatted text-frame to my web browser as a PNG, so I can see how much room I've got left.


2020-02-20 07:25

developer   ~0047414

See Link text frame to SLA file proposal :

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