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Summary0001926: Single-document interface mode
DescriptionLots of people don't like MDIs (Multiple Document Interfaces). It would be interesting if Scribus could be run with a one-window-per-document interface, either with floating tools & menus (GIMP, Photoshop for Mac, Quark and InDesign for mac, etc style) or with tools & menus on each document.


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2005-04-27 16:31

administrator   ~0004441

Maybe we can use the qt-ext-mdi extension for this.


2005-04-30 07:42

reporter   ~0004459

Seems to be part of KDevelop ... I couldn't find much info on using it as a standalone lib. It's pretty large at some 17,000 lines. It also appears to rely on KDE code.

Permit me to say "drat."


2005-04-30 07:53

reporter   ~0004460

QWorkSpace looks like its deprecated in Qt4; there's no replacement yet (we can just use Q3WorkSpace for now and depend on the Qt3 support library) but it looks like they're thinking of one for Qt4.1.

I think it might be a good time to ask TrollTech about QWorkSpace being capable of MDI or "real managed window" modes somewhat like qextmdi . I'll drop them a note.

(Hope mantis doesn't butcher those URLs too)


2016-05-14 04:03

updater   ~0041014

self-evident and already mostly implemented in 1.5.x
Also devs are talking about integrating indigoDock in 1.5.4...
Resolving this ticket.

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