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0002756ScribusFontspublic2006-01-10 14:00
Reporteraamehl Assigned Tofschmid  
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Product Version1.3.2cvs 
Fixed in Version1.3.2cvs 
Summary0002756: Hebrew letters don't print correctly from scribus
DescriptionI am building a booklet, and on screen all looked fine.
When I printed out my work all text in Hebrew printed out uniformly wrong.
The most striking is the letter yud which is hidden under the letters to the left of it.

Since it happens to all the yuds as well as other letters I am assuming its a bug.

Steps To ReproduceI type any hebrew in scribus (I used at least two fonts Nachlieli and Druglin) the letter spacing is wacko, most pronounced is the yud.
Additional InformationIf I can get my scanner working I will upload scanned images so you can see whats wrong
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related to 0002920 closedFahad Khmer script is rendered wrong 
related to 0001726 closedFahad hebrew vowels (and cantillation marks) not placed properly 
related to 0001547 closedFahad Support for Indic Scripts 
child of 0003965 acknowledged Metabug: Support for non-latin languages 


2005-10-23 13:24 (311,838 bytes)


2005-10-23 15:56

reporter   ~0007188

It's worth noting that support for scripts such as hebrew that require special character position for "supplimentary" characters is still largely absent in Scribus. There's ongoing work into a new text handling core for the application, and that should make better support for hebrew practical. Most indic and arabic languages are also poorly supported for similar reasons.

With regards to this specific bug, does the same problem appear if you save as PDF? If so, please attach the PDF.

2005-10-23 16:34


out0001.png (11,107 bytes)   
out0001.png (11,107 bytes)   


2005-10-23 17:35

administrator   ~0007189

There's a discrepance between Scribus canvas (correct) and generated PDF (wrong spacing).

Note that the sample docs use Scribus only for the titles, not the lyrics.


2005-10-23 17:36

administrator   ~0007190

The issue does not appear if the fonts are converted to outlines in PDF (export PDF -> Fonts -> subset all fonts)


2005-10-23 17:50

administrator   ~0007191

Franz, I assigned to you since it looks as if Scribus and PDF differ on where the basepoints of glyphs in RTL text is.


2005-10-23 18:01

reporter   ~0007192

Sorry, misunderstood the issue to be about the positioning of special accent chars, etc.

2005-10-23 19:29


habengimp.png (5,293 bytes)   
habengimp.png (5,293 bytes)   

2005-10-23 19:29


habengimpscaned.png (2,175 bytes)   
habengimpscaned.png (2,175 bytes)   

2005-10-23 19:30


habenscribus.pdf (41,326 bytes)


2005-10-23 19:33

reporter   ~0007193

I added a title made in gimp and in scribus so that those who don't know hebrew can compare them.

2005-10-23 19:39


habenscribusscan.png (346 bytes)   
habenscribusscan.png (346 bytes)   


2005-10-23 19:43

reporter   ~0007194

ok now there are pairs of exact matches made in gimp and scribus.

In scribus the final nun is to far left
the yud is way to far left and is underneath the Kuf
the yud in the word li is now part of the next word
the last yuud is underneath the final Mem ouch!

The fey is touching the resh.
In short the letters are missed spaced.
For reference look at the gimp example


2005-12-29 09:45

administrator   ~0007854

Should be fixed now, at least the test files are ok now.

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