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0003096ScribusOS-Win32public2019-12-08 23:44
Reporterjoolsr Assigned Tojghali  
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PlatformWindows 2000OSWin2000OS VersionSP4
Product Version1.3.2 
Target Version1.6 milestone 
Summary0003096: Network shares unavailable on file open/save dialog
DescriptionI cannot access network shares when using the Scribus File Open/Save dialog.
With drive letters this is fine.

Many companies now use network shares rather than drive mappings. Unless I map a drive I cant access the server even when entering \\servername in the dialog.
Steps To ReproduceWhen trying to save or load an export a file, cannot access networked files shares, even when typing in \\servername\path
Additional InformationThis is also a problem with the Gimp and programs that use the Win32 GTK interface. There is a Gimp file open/save plugin buts its not ideal by any means.
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2006-01-25 13:50

administrator   ~0008338

Last edited: 2006-01-25 13:51

First Scribus is not a GTK application, it's a Qt application :)

The described behavior is a limitation of the Qt file dialog and on which our file dialog class is based. One possibility is to use the get*Name static methods where possible. On Windows, these methods are using the native Windows file dialogs instead of the qt one. Will have a look asap.


2006-07-10 15:33

reporter   ~0011835


Is there any chance at having another look at this Jean?

There is a bigger problem, that if you save a file with the linux version and then try and open it with the Windows port that the paths are different, and images do not show up, as the path created under Linux doesn't mean anything to Windows.
I tried mapping network drives, but this is messy; exactly the reason we now use network shares instead on our samba server to windows clients.
But we still have a lot of difficulty accessing scribus files properly.


2006-07-10 18:09

administrator   ~0011838

Solving this issue requires a network enabled file dialog class. Considering the amount of work needed, i have no time for that now. Using QFileDialog static methods is not a solution for consistency and functionnality reasons.

When saving files scribus uses whenever possible relative paths, so if you have properly organized your files, opening a linux document with the Windows port should not be a problem.


2006-07-11 08:23

reporter   ~0011850

Thank you for your quick response. I do appreciate and fully understand your time constraints. I'm sure it wouldnt be straightforward to get network shares working natively with qt.

But, other programs such as the Windows port of the Gimp, has a plugin that allows you to use the std windows open/save dialog boxes. This of course allows me to use network shares.
Inkscape (Windows) again has the same problem.

I do appreciate that Scribus is primarily designed as a Linux application, but I do know the developers are keen to offer Mac and Windows versions.
Is there any way that a combined, improved Windows file open/save dialog could be developed for the good of the many Windows ports of Linux applications that have the same issue?

Please understand that I am a Linux user through and through, I have been using it as my only OS at home since 2000, but at work Windows is more prevalent, and without the means to open or save files, its going to be difficult to offer it as a solution to many people.


2009-07-06 14:45

reporter   ~0022124

Just a note, in 1.3.5 RC3 on Windows, you cannot browse a Network Neighborhood or any such thing, BUT typing in \\server\share works fine.

This in itself is quite a help


2012-04-11 06:31

reporter   ~0027917

Last edited: 2012-04-11 06:34

workaround windows:
1. Open scribus file on network-share with doubleclicking the file
2. Make "save as"
>> the networkshare is shown
3. Now the networkshare will be shown in other dialogboxes like import picture etc. too


2015-02-02 01:13

updater   ~0034419

Reminder sent to: jghali

Is this still an issue?


2015-02-04 13:16

updater   ~0034436

According to this tester ( this is non-issue

"Once I type in "\\servername" in the filename field, I can access the network share to open and save files.
Tested with Scribus 1.4.5 on Windows 7 64bit.?"


2015-02-04 13:17

updater   ~0034437

Marking as resolved with the intention to close


2015-02-04 13:46

updater   ~0034440

Needs to be tested on 1.5svn as well


2015-02-05 09:00

reporter   ~0034443

* I can confirm that 1.4.5 on Win 8 64-bit can access typed in network share paths i.e. "\\servername\folder".

* I can not access mapped drive letters: "H:\"

* I can not access paths containing $ as in "\\servername\folder$"

Scribus Version 1.4.3
20 July 2013
Build ID: C-*-T-*-C1.8.6-Windows-64bit
Using Ghostscript version 9.10


2015-02-05 12:45

updater   ~0034444

Reopening, thanks JimmyVolatile


2015-12-15 00:44

reporter   ~0037919

Seeing this too still.

Scribus Version 1.5.0svn
19 May 2015
Build ID: C-*-T-*-C1.12.18-Windows-64bit


2015-12-15 02:05

updater   ~0037920

jghali, is this a qt file dialog issue ? (Ref 0008724:0023198)


2015-12-16 21:01

updater   ~0037928

added a relationship to 0007663

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