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0003432ScribusGeneralpublic2014-06-03 19:41
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PlatformintelOSwin32 and linux 
Summary0003432: Scribus 1.3.x: low performance
DescriptionThe overall performance of Scribus (1.3.x and, reportedly, 1.2.x) is quite low, it takes ages to open a document containing some ten of pages, even rendering of single pages is much to slow.
Additional InformationThis is a part of a longer report I've received per mail from a Polish DTP professional (a pl.comp.dtp reader). His test document can be provided on request.

Even if this issue has been addressed for the last couple of months (the new text rendering engine, you've started to work on, i suppose?), I consider it important to have it here until it's been solved.
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parent of 0003321 closed very bad perfomance when using zoom or text tools 
parent of 0001036 confirmed Severe performance problem on documents with very large number of linked frames 
parent of 0003528 closedcbradney Scribus from official rpm build works too slow 
parent of 0003551 closedjghali Scribus becoming painfully slow even without a single text frame in the doc 
parent of 0003625 closedcbradney The longer Scribus is running in the background, the longer it takes to reappear 
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2006-03-29 12:08

administrator   ~0009552

Honestly, these are pretty much all duplicate and I'm almost inclined to close all of them.


2014-06-03 09:46

updater   ~0031975

Is this still relevant?

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