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0003551ScribusGeneralpublic2006-04-06 14:52
Reporterchristoph_s Assigned Tojghali  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Platformx86OSLinuxOS VersionSuSE 10.0
Product Version1.3.3.1cvs 
Fixed in Version1.2.5cvs 
Summary0003551: Scribus becoming painfully slow even without a single text frame in the doc
DescriptionAFAICT, the current reports on bad performance only relate to issues with text frames, but it isn't necessary to have any text frames at all to let Scribus work as fast as a snail. I'm working on an A 1 document right now. With only three shapes in it, it already has become almost unsuable -- and this is no slow PC.
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related to 0003552 closedjghali Switching profiles to a corrupt profile in Doc Setup results in a crash 
child of 0003432 closed Scribus 1.3.x: low performance 



2006-04-04 09:35

manager   ~0009621

Could you attach your doc. I'm trying here with A1 and several shapes but can't notice any difference to the regular speed here.

2006-04-04 10:13


plakat_a_1.sla (46,706 bytes)


2006-04-04 10:13

administrator   ~0009622

See attached file.


2006-04-04 10:23

manager   ~0009623

Thanks, seems to be the grid that is causing this. As soon as you disable grid everything works like it should.


2006-04-04 12:30

administrator   ~0009625

Yes, it does. Thanks for the hint. Will this be fixed in


2006-04-04 19:45

reporter   ~0009630

I've had this problem too. I have a slower machine and I've always encountered this with the grid and anything more than a few guides, to the point that I have to do snap-to-guides work with the guides turned off.
Testing cristoph's document, however (which for some reason seems even slower than usual), this is more than an annoyance because the whole gui becomes unresponsive (instance of bug 0002260) so that I can't get back to the menu to turn the grid off again, and if I switch out of scribus and back the whole interface is gone.
I had to kill scribus manually twice because of this. I couldn't even load the file to turn off the grid; I had to edit the file manually to disable grid display before I could open it.
One time--I'm not sure how this is possible--I even lost window manager responsiveness to switch out of scribus or kill it--I just had to wait until it eventually fortunately worked.


2006-04-05 11:12

administrator   ~0009637

Just as a reminder: the issue seems partially tied to one of the library we use, libart. The stroking function art_svp_vpath_stroke seems slow as hell when drawing lines. I have here on Windows a special build using GDI+ for all drawing operations and enabling grid does not have such an impact on performance.


2006-04-05 12:43

viewer   ~0009639

Also, to note a cairo build on Linux works *much* better with grids, but there may be other performance penalties elsewhere.


2006-04-05 22:36

viewer   ~0009651

We have commited a patch from Jean which appears to dramatically improve response with the grids enabled. This is in 1.2.5cvs and too please test when you can.



2006-04-06 00:54

administrator   ~0009652

Thanks Jean, you must be a genius. The speed improvements are more than remarkable. However, Scribus is still quite slow compared to Quark and CorelDraw with a similar doc (that's all I have right now for comparisons).

So, wouldn't it be better to keep this open?


2006-04-06 08:24

developer   ~0009654

christoph, there is already bug 3432 for overall performance problems in 1.3.x (parent of this bug), and this one is about the performance slowdown related to the grid -- at least, we know it now :) Let's update the description, if necessary and close it, the other specific problems can be submitted separately.

BTW, remarkable job, Jean -- i couldn't help and tested it last night too :)


2006-04-06 14:51

viewer   ~0009667

Both branches now have this fix.

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