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0003752ScribusUser Interfacepublic2019-11-05 13:52
Reportermkoren Assigned To 
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Product Version1.3 
Summary0003752: move or replace hidden line basepoint setting in properties
DescriptionNamely the "basepoint" combobox in the line tab. It affects setting geometry, so I would suggest moving it to the X,Y,Z tab to make it more clear that it exists and how it relates to the basepoint selector already there with the same name.

This special case extra mode for lines might be removable if more basepoint settings (here line endpoints) were available for all frames (see 0003591).


related to 0003751 new additional/clearer basepoint options for lines 
related to 0003592 closedKunda Setting line geometry properties display errors 
child of 0015915 assignedale Indigo UI: refactor the Color and Line panels 


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