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0015915ScribusProperties Palettepublic2019-11-08 17:57
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Summary0015915: Indigo UI: refactor the Color and Line panels
DescriptionMartin's proposal is to create a Fills panel (most of the current color panel) and a Line one (the line panel plus the stroke color selection).

On top of that I'd suggest:

- Using the XYZ basepoint (it can already indirectly be used... and with the new widget it's "trivia" to only show two or three base points)
- Moving the arrow properties to a new content panel for lines (and beziers)
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related to 0003766 feedback UI improvement proposals to reduce the number of clicks 
parent of 0003752 new move or replace hidden line basepoint setting in properties 
parent of 0012434 new basepoint: different widgets for shapes and lines 
parent of 0009483 assignedale [PATCH] Ability to choose a basepoint for a line 
parent of 0007287 new Add to ability change basepoint of lines 
parent of 0003751 new additional/clearer basepoint options for lines 
related to 0012439 closedale on canvas basepoint for rotation 
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2019-11-05 13:48

manager   ~0046973

one question: what is the use of "basepoint: end points"?

i see that it changes the width and height in x2 and y2...
is it all?

then i would suggest that for lines we replace the width chain button by a new button that switches between the width and x2, y2
the button would show "x2" in the normal state and "w" when checked.


2019-11-05 13:56

manager   ~0046975

0003765 has an interesting proposal for allowing 5 basepoints for lines.


2019-11-06 21:04

manager   ~0047002

martin is defining two widgets for the line panel.

since the arrow heads are moving to the content panel, and the "basepoint" drop down will be a button in the xyz panel, the advanced part shrinks to three buttons that we should integrate in the main panel.

now, one big issue i have in martin's proposal are the labels below and above the fields.

i think that the proposals i've created for the xyz and do well with less labels than martin did plan.

for the lines panel is a bit harder. does anybody want to make suggestions for improved layouts based on the considerations above and the screenshots down here?
indigo-martin-lines.png (6,158 bytes)   
indigo-martin-lines.png (6,158 bytes)   


2019-11-06 21:07

manager   ~0047003

p.s.: martin has forgotten, that when the line type is custom, then a further widget popsup:
custom-type-of-line.png (4,848 bytes)   
custom-type-of-line.png (4,848 bytes)   


2019-11-08 17:57


cp-lines.png (12,966 bytes)   
cp-lines.png (12,966 bytes)   


2019-11-08 17:57

manager   ~0047035

friday evening... status report:

- the arrow heads are now in the content panel for the lines
- the easy part of the properties panel is done
- two screenshot attached and an appimaged linked:
- the color square shows the current color of the stroke but no pop up for setting the colors is there
- basepoint will go to the xyz panel
- the styles will be a fancy combobox...

one big question: i think that all fields are very clear... only for the shade (the 100%) i wonder if we can find an icon to put in front of it...
pp-lines.png (12,788 bytes)   
pp-lines.png (12,788 bytes)   

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