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0009483ScribusShape Drawingpublic2019-11-05 13:54
ReporterLe_Tigre Assigned Toale  
Status assignedResolutionopen 
PlatformLinuxOSOpen SuseOS Version11.2
Product Version1.3.8 
Summary0009483: [PATCH] Ability to choose a basepoint for a line
Description(en français, parce que c'est trop compliqué pour moi en anglais)

Dans la palette Propriétés, on peut choisir le point de référence pour une forme (le centre ou l'un des 4 angles). C'est très pratique. Mais quand on manipule un filet, cette option est dégrisée. Alors qu'elle marche: on est obligé de sélectionner un cadre, de changer le point de référence (par exemple: centre), de recliquer sur le filet, et alors on peut caler le filet en fonction du point central. La logique voudrait qu'on puisse changer le point de référence alors que le filet est sélectionné (bizarrement, c'est un bug qu'on traîne depuis 2006 et on n'avait jamais pensé à le signaler).
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related to 0007287 new Add to ability change basepoint of lines 
has duplicate 0013532 closedjghali Basepoint for drawn line 
child of 0015915 assignedale Indigo UI: refactor the Color and Line panels 



2014-06-24 22:01

manager   ~0032292

well, it took him 4 years to fill the ticket, so we can take 4 years before considering it...

in english: one can't choose the base point for lines.

- if you choose a base point for a frame
- it will then be used also for the line, too.

the request is to enable the basepoint chooser also when a line is selected (the base point is already retained... it's just about activating the chooser)

all in all: it seems that the basepoint is a document wide setting and not stored for each item.
but the way it's placed in the PP, one would think that it's applied on a per item basis.
personally, i have no idea if the basepoint should be a document or a item setting... vlada or cédric could help here...


2014-06-25 09:38

developer   ~0032307

I confirm.
I dont know whether it should be a document or item setting, but as long as it can be used for lines, it should be allowed to change it for lines, as for other items like frames.


2014-06-25 14:03


basepoint_for_lines.diff (396 bytes)   
Index: scribus/ui/propertiespalette_xyz.cpp
--- scribus/ui/propertiespalette_xyz.cpp	(revision 19278)
+++ scribus/ui/propertiespalette_xyz.cpp	(working copy)
@@ -535,7 +535,7 @@
 		case PageItem::Line:
-			basePointWidget->setEnabled(false);
+			basePointWidget->setEnabled(true);
basepoint_for_lines.diff (396 bytes)   


2014-06-25 14:06

manager   ~0032310

in the future, once we have a new PP, we should have different widgets for the line and the other shapes (not sure about beziers... since they can also be lines... wait... oh, that's another request :-)

for now, since the basepoin is retained, just enable it as is. it looks less wrong than the current situation...

one-line patch attached.


2014-06-26 08:22

manager   ~0032317

i'll open two other tickets for the widget and for being item or document based.

i would suggest to apply this trivial patch, close this bug and continue the discussion there.


2014-09-18 12:26

updater   ~0033735

Verdict on this issue?


2015-05-05 01:51

updater   ~0035028

renamed so we can categorize it.

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