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Summary0003827: Create an MSI package for Scribus
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2006-05-17 00:38

reporter   ~0011339

Following up from Bryce comment, on the mailing list. I would be happy to help, but personally I'm an almost 100% *nix user. It's just my students that I want to be able to use the Windows version.

It appears there are various open source tools for creating MSI, typically needing some kind of XML or similar config script.

I was not suggestiong that one should provide an MSI as well, but rather it
should be MSI instead. I doubt the config scripts for the currently used windows installation tool are difficult to port to some MSI builder friendly form. WOuld be happy to assist... Are the current scripts in CVS somewhere?

aside: I hadn't actually realised that the Windows version is still not considered stable. I did notice that only Win 2k/XP are supported -- MSI territory! I think there are free "installmsi.exe" type progs that run under 98 etc. too.


2006-05-17 01:03

administrator   ~0011340

98 is not and never will be supported.


2006-05-17 10:00

reporter   ~0011343

I'd like to have a stab at this task.... I just don't quite know where to start. Can someone point me in the right direction?


2009-12-23 12:02

reporter   ~0022994


This feature would be excellent, atm we're concidering roling Scribus out to all our clients, so the students can use a publisher alternative that they can all get easy acces to at home.

Is there a automate/slient install available with the current installer?

onlymee, do you have any experience with wix? When you say an XML config script, do you have a reference as to what the XML document structure needs to be like?

Is it an XML representation of the MSI data-tables?

If i can get this information, i'd definitely look into building an MSI package for Scribus, and possibly have a rolling MSI generation program for each of the releases.


Matthew Millar


2010-10-07 07:58

reporter   ~0024618

Last edited: 2010-10-07 07:58


Is there any possibility that someone here finally made a .msi file to deploy Scribus on a Windows domain ?

I gave a look to Wix but after installing it and creating a .xml file as shown here ? but never managed to launch the command in the terminal. (command not found or something)

I really think that Scribus would benefit having a .msi file.


2014-07-21 03:02

updater   ~0032861

Is this still on the radar?


2014-07-22 06:53

administrator   ~0032909

Yes, msi installer format has definitely some advantages over current one.


2014-07-23 06:07

reporter   ~0032926

I went ahead and had a go packaging up the 1.4.4 Scribus version in.MSI format.

Using an evaluation copy of Scalable Smartpackager Pro on a Win7Ent VirtualBox VM, patched to the hilt.

The 32-bit version went alright and I would like someone to take it for a spin to rule out the possibility of it working by sheer coincidence ;-)

The 64-bit Scribus bombs out during the packaging phase, so that will have to wait a bit longer.

I also packaged v9.0.9 of GhostScript, in case you need to install first.

Get the packets from here:

The packets are usable for another 13 days, after which they will refuse to work due to having been created with an evaluation copy of Smartpackager.

Usual disclaimer applies. No responsibility on my behalf, try it out in an inconspicuous spot first, yada yada....


2014-07-23 18:52

updater   ~0032929

Samps, awesome!
Would you be interested in compiling a bleeding edge 1.5svn msi file?
Also what issues are you encountering with the 64 bit build ? Would you post your progress to the mailing list so that it may spur more movement in this direct?


2014-07-24 23:27

reporter   ~0032974

The problem with the 64 bit version is not easily determined. The result of the problem is that Smartpackager crashes, with no useful reason given.

However, I found an old version of WinInstall LE which does a perfectly nice, while not easily managed, job of packaging the 64 bit Scribus.

Again, I would like someone to check it before I publish it. It can be found at: (uploading as I write this, should be there in 10 mins)

and an .msi of GhostScript is at:

As for packaging the 1.5svn.. I'll have a look at it, sometime today.


2014-07-25 02:35

updater   ~0032976

Fantastic! What would be epic is if you created a tutorial on how you produced the .msi for 32 and 64 bit for both 1.4 and 1.5svn


2014-08-08 19:23

updater   ~0033213

Samps, please report where you're at in the process compiling 64 bit 1.5svn builds bundled in .msi packages. Thanks


2014-08-12 01:54

reporter   ~0033235

Still trying to set up the tools needed to compile from scratch. Some of these are big and my Internet connection is virtually non-existant.
Having all sorts of problems that mostly can be put down to being new to the task, but I am slowly getting where I want to be.
Tell me... Can I cross-compile a 64bit version from a 32bit toolchain? Can I do it the other way around? Compiler is the C that comes with VisualStudio Express 2013.


2014-08-12 18:55

updater   ~0033237

Samps, thanks for the follow-up! Lets use the Dev Mailing List as the place to conduct the conversation. It makes better sense that way. Thanks


2015-02-04 21:04

updater   ~0034442

Perhaps samps and jghali can collaborate on a much needed windows installer. We need more 1.5 windows users.


2015-02-24 23:48

updater   ~0034576
"The most powerful set of tools available to create your Windows installation experience. Free and Open Source since 2004!"


2015-02-25 07:19

manager   ~0034581

kunda, the issue is not packaging, but being able to get and compile the whole set of libraries scribus needs.

very easy on linux and os x.
more complicated and not 100% documented (most of all not with free -- as in software -- tools) on windows.


2015-02-25 16:56

updater   ~0034591

Ale, thanks. I mentioned the Wix URL for reference. I spoke with jghali about this and he said it was a more viable option to use Wix now in comparison to when he originally looked at it when it was initially released.


2015-02-25 18:35

administrator   ~0034594

I believe all tools with the free MSVC being available are now also free on Windows.


2015-05-24 19:40

updater   ~0035221

samps, 1.5 deps are available now that 1.5 has been released. If you want to take another crack at the .msi package idea... have at it :)

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