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Summary0003876: Slug box
DescriptionWould be nice to have a slug function.

Related to other print stuff like bleed and the like 0000129, 0001041.
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2006-05-29 18:14

administrator   ~0011519

can't find "slug box" on wikipedia, can you please explain?


2006-05-29 19:17

reporter   ~0011520

Last edited: 2006-05-29 19:18

Usually a box somewhere around the page used for notations and the like. Non-printing usually.


"Usually non-printing Information (such as a title and date) used to identify a document"


As used in desktop publishing (as opposed to its earlier use in printing and other uses) a slug is information used to identify a story/word processing file/document shared among others for review/editing or other processing. This information might be a word or two (such as a title/name/date) typed directly on a print-out of the document (such as in the upper left or right hand corner) or it could be a information stored with a digital file that includes author/revision information, etc. Also called a slug line, it's not something that (usually) appears in your finished document but is more like extra information used for identification and for tracking what changes a piece has gone through.
Slug or slug line has many other related definitions. For example it is a part of a script that provides instructions that aren't part of the actual dialog (Stage instructions for the actors, for example). You may also encounter the term slug used to refer to the space occupied by a single line of type (including leading).


2006-05-30 09:59

developer   ~0011522

I can see one good use of a slug.

Say you have proofs of a letter size document printed on tabloid size paper with all the crop marks (to come).

A printable slug could be sitting at the bottom of the page, outside your document's crop marks but on the proof itself so your client could read any information you'd like there. Example: Docket number, date, operator, proof number, expected return time/date, etc.

Of course, this info could be made printable or non printable. Could be part of a Master Page as well.

If the proof is going to be a PDF, could the slug become a PDF note?

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