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Summary0003951: Add an option to export a PDF file containing all data relevant for production
DescriptionIt would be fine if Scribus could offer an option to export an additional PDF file that contains all data relevant for production, e.g.: Fonts (embedded/not embedded), solid colours/spot colours, colour space, profiles, PDF creator, image resolution settings etc. The file would be named like the PDF exported from the document, but with an addition "-profile" (can this be made multilingual?).

Of course these data can be retrieved with prepress tools, but IMHO it would be a benefit to and quite handy for the printer to receive the data in such an easily accessible way.


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2006-07-02 20:00

reporter   ~0011756

OK, so what you're after is a summary of all the resources used in the document (presuably along with key information such as the resolution and colour depth of images, etc). Sounds interesting.

Rather than exporting a PDF, though, would there be any problem with just making this resource summary available as plain text? It'd be quite a bit simpler to do that way, as Scribus's PDF export capabilities are currently _tightly_ integrated with its document structure etc, and probably do the job just as well.


2006-07-02 20:06

administrator   ~0011758

Exporting plain text would be enough -- in principle. Unfortunately, Unix/linux, OS X and Win32 handle plain text differently, so that informations could get lost after transfer from one system to another. That's why I was thinking about PDF.


2006-07-02 20:57

reporter   ~0011767

Makes sense. Most mailers will convert line endings automatically though, and most editors handle all platform's line endings. Anyway, a simple HTML file wouldn't be much harder.

Doing PDF right now would involve creating a new Scribus doc with the details programatically, then exporting that. Not too pretty really; much nicer to output a companion file in another format.

In fact, I wonder about xml+css .... output a generic XML doc summary with the right xslt+css to render in a browser. It could be fun ;-)

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