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0004232ScribusImport / Exportpublic2006-09-30 15:58
Reporteragusmba Assigned Toplinnell 
Status closedResolutionduplicate 
PlatformIntel Pentium DOSKubuntuOS Version6.06
Product Version1.3.3.3 
Summary0004232: Importing SVG distorted in kubuntu
DescriptionImporting a simple SVG in a document distorts the imported figure.
I have seen this on my kubuntu box. Maybe related to bug 3826, because one of the workarounds suggested there for fixing the spinbox problem also solves this issue
Steps To ReproduceOpen a new scribus, and either create a new document or open an existing one.
Select import SVG, and select a simple file with some figures (I tried it with text converted to outline in inkscape).
The imported SVG is distorted.
Additional InformationWorkaround: if I execute the font script, importing the SVG works fine again. !?
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duplicate of 0003826 closedcbradney Reference to Ubuntu Dapper Bug #37711: Unable to enter numbers into real number spinboxes 
related to 0002425 closed Scribus ignores "No" in dialogs 


2006-09-08 08:14


reglas12_1.svg (7,139 bytes)   
reglas12_1.svg (7,139 bytes)   


2006-09-08 08:15

reporter   ~0012463

I uploaded a sample SVG file to test the import issue.


2006-09-09 07:00

reporter   ~0012472

A few details on the exact workaround you used would not hurt.

At this point I'm inclined to think your problem is with the Qt package in Kubuntu, not anything to do with Scribus, and as you say is probably the same issue as 0003826.

marking ->feedback but should probably go ->dup(3826) .


2006-09-09 15:24

reporter   ~0012475

The workaround I was referring to was executing the font-script before importing the SVG. It was already mentioned in the "Additional Information" field, but maybe it was not very clear, sorry.


2006-09-11 06:04

reporter   ~0012483

OK, so this:

"because one of the workarounds suggested there for fixing the spinbox problem also solves this issue"

refers to running "the font script", where "the font script" refers to the font sampler Python script shipped with Scribus? Is that correct?

It seems odd, because the 0003826 seems to be a problem with SCIM, an input method, and should not affect SVG import.

Please try running Scribus from the command line using:

LANG=C LC_ALL=C scribus

(this will start it up in the "POSIX" locale, which is 7-bit ASCII US English like what's used on primitive UNIXes) and see if the problem still happens there. If it does, then this issue is probably not really related to 0003826 .


2006-09-29 23:42

reporter   ~0012707

I tried running scribus from the command line, changing the LANG and LC_ALL as suggested, and both issues (the spinbox and the import svg) dissapeared. So they must be related somehow.

I think that if there are problems with real/decimal numbers, that could be why the import gets distorted, as the imported points are shifted, when losing precission. Or maybe not :-)

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