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0004317ScribusUser Interfacepublic2016-01-19 16:03
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Product Version1.5.0 
Target Version1.6 milestone 
Summary0004317: Allow docking of a tabbed version of the entries in the "Windows" menu
DescriptionBeing a long time StarOffice user, I always appreciated to dock the "Stylist" in SO, later also in OO.o. Almost all entries in the current "Windows" menu are IMHO canditates for a "Stylist"-like dialog (with tabs) on the right side of the main window. I also think that the user should be able to add each of the entries separately as a dock. One could think of a "Stylist"-like (tabbed) option for the menu entries, and for an Adobe-like (each entry below the other, the choice of which are visible is left to the user). Corel programs also have this additional set of dialogs on the right.
Additional InformationThe Scribus "Stylist" should not hide the current document, but instead scale down the working space or move it to the left. In a next step, users should be able to switch the ruler to the right and the "Stylist" to the left easily. This might be helpful for users of RTL languages.
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related to 0001348 closedfschmid Dockable dialogs 
related to 0009569 assignedjghali Proposal for UI: Split properties window into simple single windows (plus 0001348



2006-09-29 20:45

administrator   ~0012700

This is surely a dupe..


2006-09-30 23:01

administrator   ~0012715

I also thought so, but didn't find the corresponding bug. Perhaps it has only been discussed on the mailing list.


2006-10-02 00:03

administrator   ~0012755

It's not a dupe, but an extension to 1348.


2015-10-23 20:49

updater   ~0036879

This issue's Product version was marked 1.6 milestone which doesn't make sense since 1.6 isn't out. It's based on a much older version of Scribus that isn't represented anymore in the bugtracker. So I just labeled it 1.5 and made the Target 1.6milestone.

I don't know what 'tabbed version of the entries' means so much. I have an idea.


2016-01-19 16:03

updater   ~0038275

Check out

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