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0001348ScribusUser Interfacepublic2016-01-19 16:02
Reporteryonen Assigned Tofschmid  
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Product Version1.3 
Fixed in Version1.5.0svn 
Summary0001348: Dockable dialogs
DescriptionIt would be nice if the dialogs like Properties and Arrange Pages could be docked on the side.
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has duplicate 0003579 closed Make properties palette dockable 
has duplicate 0005030 closedcbradney Feature Request: UI-Make Windows Dockable 
has duplicate 0008540 closedjghali feature request: encrust the properties window in the main window 
has duplicate 0008499 closedjghali a couple of ideas 
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related to 0009569 assignedjghali Proposal for UI: Split properties window into simple single windows (plus 0001348


2004-12-01 23:49


Scribus.png (71,015 bytes)   
Scribus.png (71,015 bytes)   


2004-12-01 23:50

reporter   ~0002968

The Attached File shows the results of what I coded. Only the Page Palette is dockable at this moment.


2004-12-02 07:29

administrator   ~0002969

Nice :) What sort of changes were required?


2004-12-04 00:44

reporter   ~0002980

Mainly just change the inheritence... from QDialog to QDockWindow, and tell the main windows to prevent the window to dock at the top and bottom.

At this moment I have Page Palette and Properties done... I tried Outline but the TreeList is not stretching with the window... so I'll have to play arround with the layouts like I did with the other windows, since QDockWindow only has QBoxLayout. Anyway, I'm still working on it and I'll give you guys the code when I'm done.

Glad to contribute!


2004-12-04 00:54

administrator   ~0002981

Interesting. Only issue is all those dialogs have been under a minor rewrite already or will be rewritten from scratch in 1.3 and the docking wont make it into 1.2.1. Its important tho for us to see how it does work in a test setup for making decisions about 1.3. Will be interesting to see it run, if u can supply a patch at some point.


2005-02-27 13:46

reporter   ~0003834

I was just wondering if you guys tried the code I supplied?


2005-05-22 17:02

manager   ~0004748

how it looks wit this promising issue?


2005-05-22 17:07

administrator   ~0004749

We will totally redevelop the dialogs for 1.3. This is not really applicable AFAIK.


2005-05-27 12:18

reporter   ~0004808

I looked at the 1.3.0cvs code and I think it should still be easy to convert to a dock window. I will work on it and give you the code when it's done... that is if you are still interested!


2005-05-27 15:11

administrator   ~0004809

Its not really about docking, we need to replace the existing dialogs.


2005-05-27 15:31

administrator   ~0004810

I dont mean to discourage, perhaps you could provide some general hints and tips of your conversion so we may use them when we decide on the new design of the various palettes.


2009-11-05 19:07

reporter   ~0022808

Just to say i hope users will be able to choose which behavior they prefer. I >really< like the way it is now : if i work at something on the right or the left side, i like to be able to keep the palette close to were i work, even if above the document in an less important part for that action. And with our new wide screens, at full page view, there is always an unneeded space on the right; so i shorten my Scribus window to keep an eye at conky, and put my palette properties there under, outside Scribus window.
By the way, how would it be for the editor window ctrl+y ?

to b

2010-12-10 14:52

reporter   ~0025018

I think it would be really nice to be able to dock the properties window to side.
Actually I think this would make sense for all windows available in the "windows" menu.

This has nothing to do with the redesign of the actual windows and therefore should not wait for this.

If you need an example for how it could look like (even though that should be clear anyway) take a look at the "Combo View" in FreeCAD which is made using QT as well(meant is only the docking behavior, not whats happening inside the window). As you see here, the common behavior of the Scribus properties would not be affected.

to b

2010-12-10 15:40


Views in FreeCAD.PNG (49,532 bytes)   
Views in FreeCAD.PNG (49,532 bytes)   

to b

2010-12-10 15:44

reporter   ~0025032

Actually FreeCAD has lots of "Views" that are really comparable to the "Windows" in Scribus. They behave nicely and you can dock and stack them very good.
Ii is probably a standard QT(4) function.

I think it should be integrated into Scribus as fast as possible as it makes the "Windows" way more useful and accesable.


2010-12-10 19:29

manager   ~0025048

the properties palette is dockable in 1.5svn_oif. i guess, that the goal is to make all windows dockable

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