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Summary0009569: Proposal for UI: Split properties window into simple single windows (plus 0001348)
DescriptionIf you adopted the functionality like described in my post to the bug 0001348 (docking functionality similar to FreeCAD)and split the current properties window into single windows (One for "X,Y,Z", one for "shape", ...) this would lead the way to have a nice configurable UI.

Look at the Mockup.

(Afterward the single windows could be optimized if needed, but I think it could work even in their current shape)


related to 0001348 closedfschmid Dockable dialogs 
related to 0004317 new Allow docking of a tabbed version of the entries in the "Windows" menu 
related to 0017180 assignednitramr Indigo UI: Properties Palette Redesign 


to b

2010-12-10 18:17


Scribus Mockup.png (146,539 bytes)   
Scribus Mockup.png (146,539 bytes)   


2010-12-10 19:48

manager   ~0025050

hi to_b

we are trying to go in a different direction with 1.5svn...

the idea is to have one single panel for the properties of a frame (like x,y,z, line and colors) and a separated palette with the properties for the content (context sensitive).

you will be able to show only one or both palettes at the same time.

also, the palettes are dockable.

on top of it, the code and the ui files for each sections in both palettes will be very modular: that way, it should also be possible to create palettes like the ones you show in your screenshot.

on top of it, we are trying to avoid tabs and foldable sections (we won't talk about accordion structures...)

what do you think about it?


2010-12-10 22:35

reporter   ~0025056

ale, please, tell, am I ignored in our private conversation?
this is not oftopic since that was conversation about PP.


2010-12-11 07:39

manager   ~0025060

... subeditor... you'll get an email! very soon... sorry for some long delay in the answers... there are things which are faster to answer (or just happen to be under my eyes at the time when i have some time) and other which take more time and attention...

to b

2010-12-11 16:57

reporter   ~0025076

Ok, sounds good to me. I just thought I suggest this because it seemed to be a fast way to get a better workflow.

Think I should give 1.5svn a try.

to b

2010-12-12 09:55

reporter   ~0025090

Last edited: 2010-12-12 10:08

I really like the idea. The content aware window is of course great and I'm really looking forward to that. Will it be possible to have the two palettes in different areas of the screen (one docked to the left side and one to the right)?

The only thing i'm not really sure about is the two groups. Maybe it would make more sense to divide it into three:

1.Content aware window (text or image or group etc.) + the “name” field that's now in X,Y,Z (for objects that have no content aware functions only the name option would be visible)

2. The rest of the X, Y, Z, properties + the text flow options (now in shape)

3. The Frame(Shape) options: color, line + shape, round corner options

You could call them for example: ”Content properties”, “Transformation properties” and “Frame/Shape properties”

to b

2010-12-12 10:10

reporter   ~0025091

If you do just two it might be better to combine the context aware options with the color, line options because they are more related/ more likely to be used at the same time:

For example when I'm experimenting with the colors of a textframe I would surely prefer to see the options for the textcolor and the colors of the frame at the same time, the same goes for the line preferences and the font settings, the same goes for a image (effects) and the settings for its frame, etc.
On the other hand side, while moving and arranging elements I won't necessary think about the thickness and color of the frame, etc.

But then again the palette probably becomes too long.


2016-01-19 16:03

updater   ~0038274

See indigoDock


2016-01-20 21:50

reporter   ~0038313

Certainly it's much more useful than current design.

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