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Summary0004538: Add character styles and line styles to the Search and Replace dialog
DescriptionWould be a nice enhancement...


has duplicate 0010931 closedjghali Search and replace with character style 
has duplicate 0013152 closedjghali Vital rationalization find and replace - add character styles 
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2006-11-16 21:14

reporter   ~0013429

Similar to 0003778....


2012-07-10 20:08

reporter   ~0028418

In my opinion, the possibility to search/replace Character Styles would be a MAJOR enhancement:

It would give a good workaround for the recurring problem of losing character styles (bold and italics) of imported documents.

To summarize quickly:

Singular words in italic or bold style can be applied in two ways: manually through the Properties Palette, or with a Character Style.

If we apply a Paragraph Style, all manual styling will be erased, but Character Styles will be preserved.

Therefore, a logical workflow when importing an ODT file that contains *italics* and **bolds** (manual styles) would be to replace them with Character Styles.

The search/replace function would allow to perform this in a few quick steps -- IF it would allow us to select Character Styles. Without that function, we have no other way to preserve those styles than by painfully applying the Character Styles one by one -- a complete waste of time if we handle long documents.


2019-12-16 19:32

manager   ~0047284

i guess that the lines part should go into 0016011

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