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Summary0004724: Option to determine the size of a vector drawing at import time
DescriptionSome imported vector drawings appear really huge, often many times the size of a page. It would be useful if the user could determine x and y size at import time.
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duplicate of 0012576 new limit the "size" of dropped vectors 
parent of 0010995 new Enable click and drag when importing a vector file (+ ability to set a specific size) 
related to 0007707 closed [Proposal] Trigger a dialog for dropped images (mockup included) 
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2006-12-05 08:31

administrator   ~0013763

Hmm, thats difficult, for EPS and SVG its relativly easy, but SXD and ODG files are problematic here. The OpenOffice formats are zipped archives which means that we must unpack them and that might be too slow for the preview.


2006-12-06 18:16

administrator   ~0013803

What does preview mean in this context? My thought was more of simple dialog that indicates the dimensions of the drawing if imported "as is" and lets the user change it as appropriate, e.g.

Vector Import (Caption):


If users can see that the drawing has a height of, say 25 cm, they can easily change it to 5 cm, Fine tuning can be done afterwards. As it stands now, many vector drawings are larger than standard page sizes, and minimizing them requires another zoom factor, which can be annoying.


2014-07-30 20:33

administrator   ~0033093

The ODG importer has been rewritten now, and preview works. Moreover, I'd prefer a solution similar or identical to the handling of other items, not the least for the sake of consistency: click: dialog, Ctrl+click: fit to guides, click+drag: determine size.


2014-07-31 08:30

manager   ~0033106

being able to define the size of imported vectors would be terrific.

but only the click and drag + fitting the guides (shift click...) behaviors should be supported...

please, no popup (it's faster to change the size in the PP or by dragging: the popup is just in the way).

a simple click should just place the vector. as it currently does.


2014-09-14 12:38

updater   ~0033685

Last edited: 2014-09-14 12:55

christoph_s so do i understand you correctly that the OSG importer does ask the user to determine the size at import? Is this through a popup ?

Shall we continue the discussion in comment queue of 0012576 ?


2014-09-14 12:57

updater   ~0033690

Closing issue in favor of having the discussion in one place: 0012576

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