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0006380ScribusStory Editor / Text Framespublic2007-10-18 19:11
Reportermattr Assigned Tojghali  
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PlatformIntelOSWindows XPOS VersionPro 2002 SP2
Product Version1.3.3.9cvs 
Summary0006380: Partially disabled Japanese IME causes crash
DescriptionScribus fails to support Japanese in a very spectacular and artistic manner. It is possible to fool Scribus into displaying Japanese by pasting it from another application, however since Scribus apparently disables the Japanese input widget (the "IME" front end processor floating tool bar in the lower left corner of the screen), but still seems to use the IME's A.I. conversion routine partially, operating on partially inputted text will cause a crash. When I say partial I mean the text is not really inputted.

To input Japanese text normally you must type some letters with the IME enabled, and they will be underlined (they have a gray background in Scribus), and then you must type a return to make it use the phonetic characters you typed as-is, or type one or more spaces to select from likely candidates the IME's A.I. algorithm recommends, and hit return to select the kanji (the "Chinese" character) you want. Then the underlining (or gray background) ought to disappear but it doesn't. Scribus then lets you select text that is seemingly under control of the IME (though none of the IME character selection, etc. function at all).

Hitting check button will make the editor lose the Japanese text which has not really been fully inputted yet. Changing font size will cause an EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION. However, by pasting Japanese kanji from another application like firefox will work, and after setting to a Japanese font they display fine.
Steps To Reproduce1. Ignores IME when typing in full page view. Make a text box, double click in it and type text. The text does not appear if you are in normal Japanese input mode.
2. Note this is happening because IME is deactivated by Scribus. When Scribus window is on top, the normal Japanese text entry widget disappears. Reappears on other apps or desktop. Or, it will refuse to switch to Japanese character entry.
3. Type a Japanese word in another app. (I typed the word red (akai) in this bug entry box.) Copy it and paste it into text box. The text appears as a solid red rectangle. However, then right click and enter text editor (ctrl-y). You can set it to a Japanese font (like HGPGyoshotaiMedium). Now displays fine, you can also copy/paste Japanese characters within the box.
4. Make a new text box, then type "abc" in non-IME mode in it. Right click on the text and open the text editor. After the abc, type Japanese text (the keys akai). The letters will be highlighted as if by IME. Normally you would hit return to just have the phonetic characters a,ka,i appear or you would type space once to automatically make the character for red (aka) plus the i phonetic character, and then hit return. Anyway the IME doesn't do anything when you do these things (typing space, return or esc to get out of IME doesn't work). So just hit the check box key to close editor. Now the text box does not show the Japanese text, just the abc. Reopening editor shows Japanese text was not saved.
5. Type akai in the editor again. hit return a bunchof times,you get "No Style" bars showing in left column.
6. Clear text in editor. type akai in Japanese. it is still grayed as if by IME, but select all letters with mouse. (If IME was working that would be I think disallowed, or else used to change scope of automatic conversion of character type by IME's artificial intelligence algorithm. So now increase the font size. You get an EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION crash.
Additional InformationI believe this is a massively critical problem which makes it impossible to use Scribus in Japan and most likely anywhere with non-English script. This is unacceptable in a desktop publishing program and anyway, disappointing. Sorry I can't help more.
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duplicate of 0003173 closed Japanese (CJK) text in story editor is not entered into text frame. Frequent crashes. 
has duplicate 0009349 closedcbradney Can't write Japanese/Chinese/Korean in Scribus 



2007-10-18 17:07

reporter   ~0017705

P.S. I installed the latest Ghostscript and Scribus as of today Oct. 18, 2007 on a Japanese Windows XP machine and selected install Japanese version IIRC. The Scribus splash screen progress alerts are in Japanese, as are the menus. That is why it is so artistic, it is a perfect citizen of Japanese windows except it is useless for use in Japanese windows. Simultaneously horrifying and sublime, it is perfect for a spine-chilling Halloween.

2007-10-18 18:14


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2007-10-18 19:10

administrator   ~0017707

This issue is already known (0003173). Unfortunately a story editor rewrite will probably be needed to solve it.

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