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0003173ScribusNLSpublic2016-01-23 22:11
ReporterZeimusu Assigned To 
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Platformi386OSWindowsOS VersionXP
Product Version1.3.4cvs 
Fixed in Version1.5.1svn 
Summary0003173: Japanese (CJK) text in story editor is not entered into text frame. Frequent crashes.
DescriptionIf Japanese text is entered in the story editor, it is not copied to the text frame.

There are frequent crashes, the crash window explains:
 "Scribus crashes due to following exception: EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION"
Steps To ReproduceCreate text frame.
Open story editor.
Turn IME on.
Enter Japanese text.
If it doesn't crash, save and close.
Additional InformationI see this on both a English XP pro OS, and a Japanese XP Home OS
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2006-02-04 20:42

viewer   ~0008570

can you provide us with some japanese text to test this with. We have not tested with IME as no one on our team knows Japanese.


2006-02-05 12:20

reporter   ~0008590

Last edited: 2006-02-05 12:26

If you just want something to copy and paste go to Japanese wikipedia. I can't enter it here, as this page is Windows 1252 encoding, which doesn't support Japanese.

But turning on the IME in windows isn't tricky.

For direct input the IME is disabled by Scribus, but cut and paste of Japanese is possible (separate bug?). The Japanese text which has been cut and pasted can be viewed, edited (in Japanese) and saved from the story editor. But new paragraphs are truncated at the first Japanese character.

This probably affects Korean and Chinese users too.

Hope this helps.


2006-03-31 02:34

reporter   ~0009577

This issue continues to be present in 1.3.3


2006-03-31 08:19

reporter   ~0009578

I've seen reports of similar issues, and suspect there's an encoding issue in there somewhere. I've seen reports of this problem but never been able to reproduce it myself. I'm not sure if it happens under Linux.

I'll give it a go when I'm next around in Windows.


2006-06-03 12:50

reporter   ~0011564

Developers are probably aware of this, but to turn on the IME in Win XP is straight forward see (for example)
The crashes are Seg faults. Gdb hints at an array being out of range somewhere in qt-mt3.dll.
Would a backtrace be useful? Are debug builds made?


2006-06-03 16:07

administrator   ~0011565

There is a known issue triggering these EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION which was caused indeed by out of bounds array access. It appeared when Scribus was run in other languages than en_us and was solved in (released some days ago). Upgrade, it should not solve your issue with IME (text not copied to frame), but will reduce crashes.


2006-06-05 13:40

reporter   ~0011579

The crashes are not the ones that jghali mentioned. I'm running (May 29 build) and I'm using the English interface. Scribus still crashes.


2006-07-10 00:37

reporter   ~0011827

Last edited: 2006-07-10 00:38

To ringerc: yes, the issue does affect Linux. At least, Japanese text does not get copied to the frame. As for the crashes, I'm not sure how severe it is--I haven't yet attempted to create any substantial Japanese documents (what would be the point?), but I did cause a crash by doing the following:

 1) Entered Japanese text in the story editor
 2) Closed-with-save the story editor
 3) Saved the document
 4) Opened the story editor for the same frame again
 5) Entered some Japanese text, during which ...
 ** CRASH (signal 11) **

This is the first time I have tried steps 3 & 4, and the first time Scribus has crashed.


2006-07-10 08:47

reporter   ~0011831

Given that this only affects IME-entered text, not unicode text pasted in, I'm wondering if this is being caused by an assumption somewhere that one keystroke == one unichar that's being broken by the IME.

I'll have to look up how to actually use the Japanese IME on win32 and see if I can reproduce the fault. Ideally it'd be traced in a debugger but I don't have a useful debug env working under win32 yet.


2006-07-11 02:12

reporter   ~0011845

Here's a little additional info, though it seems mainly to confirm what is already known. I imported a UTF-8 text file with mainly Japanese characters into the story editor, and found that the Japanese text *was* inserted into the text frame.

BTW, I am running Scribus on Linux with glibc 2.4 and Qt 3.3.6.

Anything else I can do to help? I would like to see this bug resolved soon. Unfortunately, I don't know much C++ and am unfamiliar with the Qt API, but I'm reasonably knowledgeable about CJK issues.


2006-07-15 20:21

reporter   ~0011887

Here is a bit of good news: I am using SCIM (not SKIM) with Anthy for Japanese input on Linux. I have found that if I set 'XIM Input Style' to 'Over the Spot' in qtconfig, Japanese text is properly transferred from the story editor to the text frame. In fact, this is addressed in the SCIM FAQ:

Of course, I cannot say that this will eliminate crashes, but I did save a file with several paragraphs of Japanese text, then reopen it, enter additional text, and Scribus did not crash.

I'm not very familiar with MS-IME, but perhaps it has a similar setting that would have similar results.


2006-07-20 15:45

reporter   ~0011944

Windows IME doesn't support over the spot, only on the spot, or root window.


2007-02-05 02:46

reporter   ~0015096

Just want to add some more info.

I am using Scribus on WinXP SP2.

Right now, the only way for me to use Chinese or Japanese characters in Scribus is to do the following:

1. Enter the texts in a separate TXT file
2. Import that into Scribus with the "Get Text" function
   <but see bug below>

Otherwise if the characters were just typed in directly into the story editor, they would appear in it but won't show up in the text frame after update, just as others had described.

To add another somewhat related bug:
Since it is not possible to use paragraph style to pre-set the font of a new text box. When the Chinese or Japanese TXT file is first imported, the texts would appear as a "red block" instead of the real characters. However, that problem can be gotten around if the correct font was explicitly chosen in the story editor or in the Properties box.


2007-05-07 14:17

reporter   ~0016116

I've just tried this with 1.3.4cvs (win XP). The results are pleasing. I was able to enter Japanese text into the story editor, and see the result on the page. I couldn't get it to crash.

I can't enter japanese text directly into a frame, the IME is disabled, and mixing Japanese and latin fonts is fiddly. And I haven't been able to align text vertially. These are separate bugs. For now I think this bug can be closed.


2007-05-07 14:19

reporter   ~0016117

Addendum, just now it did crash when converting kana->kanji in the story editor.


2008-05-08 14:56

administrator   ~0019640

I'll try to release a 1.3.5 preview sometime soon, the story editor has been partially rewritten in the hope to better support IME. It will be interesting to test story editor in this version


2008-05-09 21:42


As for me, japanese input in 1.3.5svn using Anthy on linux doesn't work at all. Neither directly in text frame nor in story editor.


2015-08-09 13:04

updater   ~0035979

jghali, does this bug still crash Scribus on Windows?


2015-08-09 13:27

administrator   ~0035980

Only a CJK user can tell.


2015-08-10 02:10

reporter   ~0035985

On Linux
Japanese input method (ibus-mozc) works without crash although there are still the following limitations
- No input method preedit when we input CJ text directly into a text frame.
  We can say CJ users must use the story editor to input text.
- No xim support; however since ibus and fcitx-qt5 works, not serious problem

On Windows
Now, I have no mobile windows environment. I will check later (maybe next weekend).


2015-11-21 11:22

updater   ~0037567

Ftake, can you followup and check if the crash still occurs on Windows ?


2015-12-18 14:40

reporter   ~0037940

1.5.0 does not crash on Windows as far as I tested.


2015-12-22 11:59

updater   ~0037951

Thanks for the update. So this is not a crash bug anymore?

Also are their bugs open for:
Japanese input method (ibus-mozc) works without crash although there are still the following limitations
- No input method preedit when we input CJ text directly into a text frame.
  We can say CJ users must use the story editor to input text.
- No xim support; however since ibus and fcitx-qt5 works, not serious problem


2015-12-22 12:02

updater   ~0037953

The bug seems to have been fixed in 1.5.x
But a new bug needs to be opened per @ftake comment: 0003173:0035985


2015-12-22 12:11

updater   ~0037955

CJ text not working in a text frame bug reported at 0013612


2016-01-23 21:39

updater   ~0038379

Closing since crash has been fixed. The rest of the ticket has been moved to 0013612

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