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0008899ScribusStory Editor / Text Framespublic2016-04-11 00:01
Reportertop5 Assigned Tojghali  
Status closedResolutionduplicate 
Platformwin32OSwin7OS Versionwin7
Product Version1.3.3.14 
Summary0008899: Not good support Chinese
DescriptionYou can input Chinese in the story editor by use Chinese typewriting, but you can't input Chinese in the text frames.

You only input Chinese into text frames by Copy Paste or by story editor.

You only see red block not Chinese by Copy Paste, but you can see Chinese by story editor.

You can see Chinese font effect in the text frames, not in the story editor.

I writing here, my scribus breakdown.
Looking my upload image.
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duplicate of 0003173 closed Japanese (CJK) text in story editor is not entered into text frame. Frequent crashes. 



2010-03-02 02:09


breakdown.jpg (198,172 bytes)   
breakdown.jpg (198,172 bytes)   


2010-03-02 09:25

administrator   ~0023428

Duplicate of various issue (0003173, 0008471, etc...). We are generally aware of issues with non latin languages. Those language may work but they are generally not currently supported by Scribus.


2016-04-11 00:01

updater   ~0040033

we need testers and test files for ScribusCTL that could support Vertical Text:

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