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Summary0000866: Implement check box radio behaviour in PDF forms
DescriptionRequest submitted via mailing list

> > 2. How to get checkboxes to exhibit radio behaviour, where
> > only one of a group of checkboxes can be in a selected state
> > at one time.
> This is not implemented yet, cause the PDF-Reference is somewhat
> unclear in that topic. The difficulty is to get a pretty look
> for the radiobuttons. But i will have a look at it.

I was told by an Acrobat user that the names of the checkboxes
have to be the same, just the values to be returned are
different to get radio button behaviour. I tried to do
this, scribus was upset if I made the names of the fields
the same in the normal properties display. One sequence
that sort of worked was to create two checkboxes (check0 and
check1), then I went back and changed the name of check0 to
check1 in the PDF properties, exported the PDF file.
In Acrobat reader selecting the first check box would change
the selection on the second checkbox at the same time
resulting in both boxes either checked or unchecked.
I don't see how to change the returned values for checkboxes.
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related to 0003180 closedfschmid checkboxes are badly exported to PDF 
related to 0000865 acknowledged Allow changing tab order of pdf form fields 
related to 0003282 closedfschmid Fonts don't work with text fields of forms. 
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2006-01-18 20:15

reporter   ~0008179

I have the same problem here. Since I didn't find any radio button, I tried to implement its functionatity using checkboxes and javascript, but I couldn't find a way to access the checkbox group as an array. In HTML it can be done naming all checkboxes the same and then accessing them like an array. It would be nice if we could do the same in Scribus.


2007-11-28 20:08

developer   ~0018037

Workaround (until it's really fixed):


2009-06-25 07:44

reporter   ~0022032

This issue seems to me a duplicate of 0007322 and is related to issue 0008201.

Unfortunately the workaround only solves part of the/my problem. When the PDF form is manualy filled the workaround works just fine, but when the form is filled by another program you cannot set the value of one field by its export value.

For example a yes/no radiobutton: Instead of setting a fieldgroup with the export value yes or no I have to either set a field yes to true or a field no to true.

I wonder if those fieldgroups are a Adobe proprietary extension or are standard PDF functionality?

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