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0009615ScribusGeneralpublic2021-09-14 11:48
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Summary0009615: Find a way to display all kind of spaces (thin, thick, mid, etc) differently when "Show Control Character" is enabled
DescriptionScribus is only displaying non breaking spaces and spaces differently (when 0009614 will be fixed). There should be a way of displaying all kind of spaces in order to make the difference between them.
Steps To ReproduceChoose a font with special spaces and type some text in a text frame. Check the view > show control character option.
Additional InformationAn old version of quark had symbols for every kind of spaces. The problematic is finding enough different symbols that fit in really small "space" (such as thin space) which can be recognized. Maybe there's a way of combining colors and basic shapes (filled circle, circle, rectangles).
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related to 0009614 closedjghali Non breaking spaces look the same as normal spaces when "Show Control Characters" is checked 
related to 0010301 new All types of non breaking spaces should be displayed as red underscore in story editor 
has duplicate 0010280 closed Same display for spaces and not breaking spaces with "Show all characters" option on 
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child of 0004004 acknowledged Metabug: Typographic spacing 



2011-01-04 07:39

updater   ~0025270

If I can propose something for this...
red chars such as f,n,m with underline


2011-10-24 09:06

administrator   ~0027092

I would prefer a |___| shape for (fixed) spaces. NBSPACE and SPACE can keep their rings.


2016-04-26 22:14

updater   ~0040521

Suggestion from 0010301 see: 0010301:0039471

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