Scheduled For Release 2020-02-24
Not optional, but not too important
0015391: [PDF] Enable unmanaged or "raw" PDF export of fill colours
0014105: [Graphics / Image Frames] When inline image is rotated, applying 'Adjust frame to image' off-centers inline viewport
0010429: [Scrapbook] Delete button in the Scrapbook dialog
0014416: [User Interface] after text to path, box doesn't refresh when moving with arrow keys
0014442: [Import / Export] KRA import filter doesn't support layers
0002576: [User Interface] Add a GUI to create user dictionaries for hyphenation and short words (and spellchecking)
0014208: [Usability] If item are rotated then "Snap to Items" does not work well
0014212: [Undo/Redo] Deleting an image with a long path or name, increases the width of the "Edit > Redo" dropdown menu item.
0013156: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Insert carret cant be seen
0013748: [Qt5 Port] Ability to move dirs/files in to Qt File dialog to other folders
0012268: [Story Editor / Text Frames] End button makes cursor jump to beginning of next line
0012458: [Undo/Redo] X-Pos/Y-Pos shown in Action History do not correspond to Properties > X,Y,Z
0005457: [User Interface] Rotated text frame is erroneous added to all Master Pages when it bleeds off the page.
0014096: [Canvas] Cursor Canvas Refresh issue
0014461: [Translation] The '\n' within the <source> tag is missing in <translation> tag (Kunda)
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