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0014020ScribusShape Drawingpublic2016-05-10 15:46
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PlatformMacOSXOSYosemiteOS Version10.10.5
Product Version1.5.2.svn 
Summary0014020: Lines that are widened don't snap to margins correctly
Description(see gifs)
a) the narrow end of the line if attempted to snap perpendicularly will show the preview incorrectly (juts out farther then the margin/guide) but snaps correctly when mouse is disengaged

b) the sides of the line if attempted to snap parallel to a margin/guide will not snap line correctly to the edge but instead to the midline of the line itself
Steps To Reproduce1) Draw a line (Press L and hold command key to keep orientation to 0 degrees)
2) Go to PP > Line > Line Width and set to 20pt
3) Click on line and drag it to one of the margins or a guide
Result: Dragging perpendicular or parallel will show incongruent behavior mentioned above in a) and b)


duplicate of 0011647 confirmed Alignment functions don't work uniformally with lines of width greater than hairline 
related to 0013887 confirmed Arrows should snap to the end of the arrow (and not the base of the arrow instead) for margins/marks/grids/objects etc... 
related to 0013706 confirmed Changing Line width renders line incorrectly when selected 
related to 0013919 closedfschmid Rotated line shows duplicated stacked line when previewed (while moving) 
related to 0014021 closedjghali Widened & Rotated line that is grouped with another object shows abnormal outline when grouped 



2016-05-03 23:18


line-doesnt-snap-correct.gif (557,133 bytes)   
line-doesnt-snap-correct.gif (557,133 bytes)   


2016-05-03 23:19


line-doesnt-snap-correct2.gif (161,811 bytes)   
line-doesnt-snap-correct2.gif (161,811 bytes)   


2016-05-03 23:26

updater   ~0040752

A similar issue can be observed in 0013887 "Arrows at the end of a line should point to the end of the line, not further away"


2016-05-07 13:59

updater   ~0040874

Encountered 0013706 when reproducing this ticket


2016-05-10 15:45

updater   ~0040939

Merged this ticket in to 0011647
and closing in favor of it.

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