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0003680ScribusNLSpublic2016-12-08 21:41
Reporterjamadagni Assigned ToFahad  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Platformi686OSSUSE Linux 10.0OS VersionScribus 1.331
Product Version1.3.3.1 
Target Version1.5.3Fixed in Version1.5.3.svn 
Summary0003680: Devanagari (Unicode U+09xx) glyph formation (vowels and conjunct consonants) not proper
DescriptionI will attach two PNG files which show the rendering of a text by OpenOffice 2.02 and Scribus 1.331 separately.

The first two glyphs in the OO rendering are "dharma" -- but while OO renders them correctly, you see that the upper hook (the vowelless "r" in "rm") is not rendered by Scribus, but instead the full "r" with a lower stroke (indicating vowellessness) is produced. This is what relates to conjunct consonants.1

The fourth line second word (refer the OO rendering for the correct output) illustrates another kind of problem. The upper arch with its lower straight-line support indicates the vowel "i". In OO it is rendered correctly before the consonant "h". But Scribus renders it *after* "h". It should be noted that Unicode specifications dictate that the *entry* of the vowel "i" should be after "h" but the *display* of the vowel should be *before* the consonant.

I wonder whether this is a problem with Qt 3 which can be solved by moving to Qt 4? (When is Scribus moving to Qt 4?)

This testing is on Windows XP SP2. On Linux, I find that Unicode Devanagari rendering is generally so bad that I decided not to test there or report those bugs here.

Perhaps issue 1726 on Hebrew vowels is related.
Tags#please_test, fixed, HOST-Oman, RTL, scribusctl


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2006-04-20 16:50 (60,085 bytes)


2006-04-20 20:41

administrator   ~0010199

Scribus doesnt handle any glyph combination at all now. No fault of Qt3.


2006-04-20 21:04

administrator   ~0010203

Oh, and this isnt really a bug either..


2016-03-23 12:55

updater   ~0039358

According to HOST-Oman team, these issues are fixed in the new CTL branch!
There will be a build provided soon to test this fix OR one can build their branch manually.

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