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Summary0004423: Metabug: Ubuntu/Kubuntu issues that prevent it from being the perfect platform for Scribus
DescriptionPlease list here all Ubuntu/Kubuntu issues which diminish it's suitability as a good platform for Scribus and DTP (e.g. issues with the Ubuntu packaging of fonts, printing and Qt)


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related to 0004383 closedplinnell Scrapbook use causes crash 
related to 0004402 closedmalex script menu is missing 
related to 0004338 closedcbradney scribus crashes 
related to 0003990 closedmalex Please contact Rosetta admins and clarify the issue with their 1.2.* translations 
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related to 0003041 closedplinnell line width spinbox in Properties palettes behaves weird 
related to 0005413 assignedavox Cannot print with CUPS printer 
related to 0009753 closedcbradney Segmentation fault 
parent of 0003826 closedcbradney Reference to Ubuntu Dapper Bug #37711: Unable to enter numbers into real number spinboxes 
parent of 0006095 closedplinnell Text frames overflow suddenly in an existing document 
has duplicate 0005032 closedplinnell Font Size stuck to 0.5pt under 
has duplicate 0005492 closedplinnell Setting size on text or other objects with or by up/down arrows near numeric input field does not work 



2006-10-17 22:51

administrator   ~0013012

No qtconfig included with qt package
No qt theme installed to make it look ok
Bad font management
Broken Qt modifications


2006-10-17 22:52

administrator   ~0013013

No decent DTP fonts installed, but a LOT of buggy ones.


2006-10-18 00:47

reporter   ~0013016

I'd like to know more about this too. I'm not using Ubuntu itself, but I've been using qt from dapper on debian sarge--is there a problem in the qt package itself or only if you have scim enabled or something? (From the changelogs the Ubuntu scim stuff has been included now in debian etch too....)

I mean, it works, but are there other subtle problems? It'd be great if the issues could be clearly explained here or on the wiki.


2006-10-18 07:01

developer   ~0013019

--No qtconfig included with qt package
I will try to file this as a RFE at Ubuntu's bug tracker. Meanwhile, malex could ease the pain by building qtconfig dependancy into his scribus packages, as suggested every now and then. qtconfig is a must, if you run scribus on Ubuntu/Gnome

--No qt theme installed to make it look ok
Which themes are needed? I will file a RFE then.

--Bad font management
Please specify details. What is bad, what should be done to make it better? Will file a RFE, then.

--Broken Qt modifications
Please deliver details on broken QT modifications (apart from 0003826 )

-- No decent DTP fonts installed, but a LOT of buggy ones.
Please specify which decent DTP fonts are missing in comparison to your/Peter's distro. Please refer to first. I will file a RFE then.


2006-10-19 07:14

developer   ~0013025

Last edited: 2006-10-19 19:49

Plinell, this is an abridged version of our IRC chat (just for the record):

<mrdocs> on a fresh install with default fonts taking all default options from ubuntu 6.06 Scribus is essentially broken

<maciej_> because of broken fonts?

<mrdocs> cannot enter text and because there is no qtconfig or /etc/qt.rc properly setup you get Lohit Punjab which has no Latin glyphs S:

<mrdocs> HP LIP printing package was installed and running, but i do not have an HP printer or scanner

<maciej_> yeah, that's an old Gnome issue with Scribus, we've had it with the LiveCD too

<mrdocs> rsyncd was running !

<mrdocs> but no sshd

<mrdocs> the CUPS patching was not needed nor documented correctly

<mrdocs> i ended up with en_AU:en instead of a UTF-8 locale

<maciej_> Peter: what about the "font management" issue you've discovered? Could you explain further?

<mrdocs> well on a default install with Ubuntu there is no GUI fontmanager

<mrdocs> none

<mrdocs> so no way to install fonts as an end user

<mrdocs> defoma the debian font manager was a good idea in Xfree 4.0 days but with fontconfig IMO obsolete

<mrdocs> i want to visually manage my fonts like Adobe Type Manager

<mrdocs> I have 2000+ typefaces :-)

<maciej_> Ok, that's different from Kubuntu -- there is this KDE font manager, quite cute, I think. You mean, there is no such Gui in stock Gnome on Ubuntu?

<mrdocs> maciej_: correct the defoma GUI is pretty useless

<mrdocs> and GTK 1.x

<mrdocs> kfontinstaller is excellent and the KDE4 one rocks...

<maciej_> Peter, I wonder, if you'd like to give Kubuntu a try

<mrdocs> maciej_: yep i did .. that is how painful i found stock Ubuntu

<maciej_> Peter, would you consider _Kubuntu_ a better respectively a preferable platform for Scribus?

<mrdocs> the X-windows errors when launching Scribus eg 'bad opcodes' etc... Wacom tablet driver is loaded by default in

<mrdocs> that one is ugly

<mrdocs> yes, Kubuntu is better - no doubt

<maciej_> Have you found in Kubuntu similar grave issues?

<mrdocs> the CUPS and Qt issues are another.. I guess it is a matter of confidence

<mrdocs> bascially until they fix Qt - and really fix it correctly - I cannot trust it ..

<mrdocs> When I put my IT consultants hat on knowing what I have seen can I recommend to clients paying me good money for advice - can I recommend *buntu - no


2006-10-19 19:47

developer   ~0013029

Last edited: 2006-10-20 12:35

1. Missing qtconfig respectively properly setup etc/qt.rc -- I've submitted this bug at Ubuntu bug tracker:

2. Bad/missing font management in stock Ubuntu/Gnome -- apparently, some work has already begun: "Priority: Medium. The project developers will definitely get to this feature, but perhaps not in the next major release or two." See these pages:

Ubuntu Feature Specification: "Improving current font management on the GNOME desktop"

3. Broken Qt modifications and messed up Cups: I'd need some examples from cbradney/fschmid/plinell to be able to file bugs at Ubuntu's bug tracker


2006-10-19 20:42

viewer   ~0013030

Maciej, Thanks for wrestling with this.

First thought would be to include polyester or some theme which additional to Qt. Qt linux stock themes are not really nice. I'll boot back into Kubuntu to note the specific font issues.


2006-10-26 21:41

developer   ~0013145

Last edited: 2006-10-27 06:47

Hmm, the current Ubuntu Newsletter No 19 features Scribus as the "Feature of the week" :)

This document is maintained by the Ubuntu Marketing Team. Please feel free to contact us regarding any concerns or suggestions by either sending an email to or by using any of the other methods on the Ubuntu Marketing Team Contact Information Page.


2006-10-27 08:11

developer   ~0013146

Last edited: 2006-10-27 20:21

I've mailed to -- let's wait and see

Edited a few hours later: Received a nice answer from the marketing list. They CC'd the mail to Jonathan Ridell.

Again a few hours later: I've mailed to Jonathan Ridell


2006-10-31 21:14

developer   ~0013214

Last edited: 2006-11-02 10:56

Just for the record: Paul Sladen from Ubuntu has taken this over, we will most probably see some positive results soon.

Paul's email to me and the Scribus mailing list:


Hello Maciej,

We got to hear about your email via the Ubuntu marketing list as the result
and Ubuntu Weekly News feature showing off Scribus.

> Scribus users, contributors (like myself), developers have been trying
> to attract Ubuntu makers' attention to various grave issues in Ubuntu
> for many months,

Scribus is one of several very high quality applications in the Free
Software world---and the flag-carrier for Desktop Publishing.

You can rest assured that everyone connected with Ubuntu *wants* to have the
best Scribus support possible, even if things aren't quite there (yet).

I'm sorry that nobody has picked up some on the issues that we need to
improve to create a feeling of excellent support for Scribus on K/Ubuntu

I have located the meta-bug in the Mantis-based Scribus bugtracker, listing
all those issues that look like they might be related to K/Ubuntu. I've
tried to go through each of the reports linked from the meta page:

  Meta-page list of Scribus<->K/Ubuntu issues

There are links to both the Scribus and Launchpad bug trackers;

  Scribus crashes on File->New from template.

I've had a look at this one and I can't replicate it specifically under
Ubuntu edgy. Hopefully this one can be tracked down when the original
reporter's package version and distribution are known. At a guess this
template crash may be more general, such as missing templates or not having
the correct fonts to render a preview.

  Scribus translations in Rosetta

Rosetta is used for making it easy for non-developers to contribute to
translations. Various Qt/KDE programs, including Scribus are now using a
new XML-based '.ts' translation format. After helpful follow-ups on the
scribus bugtracker, I've filed a report:

that Rosetta and the build-time Ubuntu language-pack stripping should both
support detecting/collecting '.ts' files aswell as '.po' to avoid
duplicating translation work already performed by the Scribus teams!

  Default Qt Font-face setting needed

I think from reading this bug it is actually about whether Qt is configured
to perform glyph substitution automatically; and it maybe that on an
GNOME-based Ubuntu, Qt has not been configured in this way. I've asked for
confirmation and example of how Qt can be configured to perform substitution
for missting characters automatically.

  Qt Spinboxes are broken on Dapper if 'scim_qtimm' is installed

In the shipped Dapper there were four separate issues, that together
made/makes SCIM (input for far-eastern Asian languages) less useful.
Matt Zimmerman eventually got to the bottom of these multiple issues in:

In K/Ubuntu we try to make input for as many languages as possible out of
the box, so some form of SCIM input maybe enabled quite widely. I am,
myself, not entirely clear about the root cause of the problem, but it
appears to be to do (possibly) with patches made to Qt to allow extra SCIM
input functionality beyond the stand 'XIM' protocol. The solution maybe the
following bug which askes for an UVF exception for a new version of

Some hints as to what may be happening are at:

and it seems to come down to whether possibily completions are displayed
*in* the widget (such as a spinbox), or *over* the widget. Over the Widget
means that the completion is not pasted back to the widget until the
completion is finalised. A spin-box having a constraint (eg. "great that
zero") may complain at a half-completed result and instead set the spinbox
value to zero. I have added a comment to the Launchpad bug.

  Gnome offers no GUI way to manage fonts

GNOME (used in the Ubuntu environment) currently has no GUI-based font
manager, as found in KDE (used in the Kubuntu environment). There is a
feature request open upstream in GNOME and I have forwarded on this request.

  Qt/SCIM issues

Qt/SCIM issues are covered above. I'm unsure which Qt/'qtimm'/'scim-*'
package this should actually be assigned to.

  Lohit Punjabi Regular font is broken

When 'qt.rc' is unconfigured, it seems that a random font is selected; in
this case a broken font. I have reassigned this to 'ttf-indic-fonts' which
generates the 'ttf-malayalam-fonts' package. It would be useful if somebody
could track down /what/ is actually broken about this Truetype file.

  qt doesn't work properly due to broken scim-qtimm

One suggestion offered was moving 'scim-qtimm' to Recommends: so that
'kubuntu-desktop' doesn't have to be removed if the 'qtimm' package is
removed. This cause behind this bug is actually broken Qt/SCIM support and
I've marked it as a bug of the earlier issue mentioned above:


Hopefully the exhaustive round-up above pushes most of these bug reports to
the correct locations where they should be. Here's what we're left to work
on and improve:

  Scribus uses '.ts' into '.po' translation, which are not handled yet.

  Add a 'qt.rc' to allow Qt glyph subsituation when KDE is not installed.
  Qt/SCIM badness (Ubuntu patch that broke the ABI? Probably fixed)
  Broken Punjabi font that needs fixing.

  Wishlist for GNOME to have a GUI font management applet to match KDE.
  Crash on New Template. (Probably best handled by Scribus developers)

That sounds a much easier bite-sized list to cope with now. =-)

Here's to even better Scribus, Kubuntu and Ubuntu experiences in the future!




2006-11-03 13:43

administrator   ~0013257 is worth a read for the GUI side of things


2006-11-14 02:43

reporter   ~0013399

For what it's worth, after a bit of research and testing with different qt versions, I don't think there's anything functionally broken in the dapper qt package itself. I've been using it for a while on an otherwise debian system and get the same results as with ubuntu breezy and debian etch qt packages.

It seems the only thing they've done is to apply the immodule patch, which other distros are doing also, and which supposedly preserves binary compatibility with standard qt--it just doesn't work with scribus when you try to actually use immodule as an input method, which standard ubuntu apparently has configured as the default. But if you don't use the immodule functionality (either disable it or don't install the configuration packages that enable it) it should be fine.

So if I understand correctly, there's no broken ABI or qt modifications, just broken configuration from somewhere outside of the qt package itself. In case anyone else was wondering. ;) Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.


2007-01-31 10:35

reporter   ~0015050

Most of the child issues above have now been closed. An Ubuntu developer is apparently now working closely on Scribus issues. Is it still appropriate for

to warn: "We have encountered a number of problems with running Scribus on Ubuntu, some of which have gone unanswered by Ubuntu developers for many months despite our efforts to communicate them, so we cannot recommend this distribution in good faith".

Likewise perhaps the warnings in

could be toned down now.

It was suggested in #scribus that I raise this here.


2007-01-31 12:11

developer   ~0015051

benjaminhawkeslewis: I'm the one who filed the Kubuntu bug 9 months ago and wrote the most of the "Getting Scribus on Ubuntu/Kubuntu up and running" howto.

As for your statement that "An Ubuntu developer is apparently now working closely on Scribus issues": I cannot see any such activities nor persons -- the most annoying Kubuntu bug 37711 is still there, untouched by any *buntu developer, assingned to "CJK testers" (last note of a CJK tester was added 2 months ago!).
So, if you ask me, let us some real actions first, before we remove our warnings.


2007-01-31 12:41

reporter   ~0015053

mhanski, My claim that an Ubuntu developer is now working on this was simply based your earlier note that "Paul Sladen from Ubuntu has taken this over". Is that no longer the case? As far as I can understand from your wiki page, there's an "easy workaround" for the bug you mention, namely launching Scribus with "LC_ALL=C scribus". Other than being an annoyance of which one needs to be aware to run Scribus on Ubuntu, does this cause other problems? This isn't supposed to suggest that Ubuntu developers couldn't have been more proactive in fixing the bug, just that the situation on the ground doesn't seem as bad as the repositories page implies.


2007-01-31 13:37

administrator   ~0015054

Theres a lot more than this spinbox issue. Read the bugs on qtconfig. This has always been a major issue with random initial theme and font selected for qt applications. This one is not a Scribus related issue, simply all qt applications. Until these kind of issues are fixed, our texts will not change. Ubuntu remains a suboptimal distribution for pure qt apps. The supposed ease-of-use of ubuntu goes out the window until changing a theme for qt apps is easy for the simplest users out there.


2012-06-14 15:46

manager   ~0028128 -> fixed -> does not seem to be really related to scribus -> fixed -> invalid -> duplicate of a fixed bug -> fixed

i suggest that once 0009753 is fixed (by removing the internal cairo), that this bug gets closed!

finally, ubuntu has become the perfect platform for scribus :-)


2012-06-14 18:56

administrator   ~0028133

You are right.. we don't need to keep this open even if Ubuntu still sucks :)

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