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0004676ScribusStory Editor / Text Framespublic2021-06-08 08:11
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Product Version1.3.3.5 
Summary0004676: feature to mark words as "do not hyphenate"
DescriptionIn the story editor I could not find a way to mark a word as "do not hyphenate". I need this for e.g. URLs. Since a non-breakable space is marked with a red line, the same could be done for words that are marked as "do not hyphenate".
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child of 0001108 assignedavox Let user specify hyphenation exceptions 



2006-12-01 14:43

reporter   ~0013699

Last edited: 2006-12-01 14:44

Would be very useful, I have also missed this feature. Some words you just don't want to hyphenate, and that's fair enough :-)


2006-12-05 08:44

developer   ~0013764

In your view, would it be ok if these words were handled throught a list of "hyphenation exceptions"?

Please see bug report 0001108 and more specifically this: "An addition to Scribus could save the situation for a broad range of situations and languages: a hyphenation exceptions dialog where users could import a list of exceptions of their own from any text editor. Lists could be shared among users by a simple import/export function."


2006-12-05 08:56

reporter   ~0013765

Not really, since URLs etc are one offs and to me it does not make sense to "spam" that list with words only applicable to a certain area. It certainly does not replace this feature.

If there was such a file (shared between users and imported into Scribus), there would have to be one per language and even then there are too many words that are too rarely used that it would make sense to add them to this filter instead of just marking them as "do not hyphenate" manually.

Of course it makes sense to have a file with hyphenation-rules, but as mentioned above, that does not address the issue of this bug report.


2006-12-05 15:43

reporter   ~0013776

agreed, it would be nice if this could be possible anyhow. Makes it easier to manually adjust wen needed.


2010-06-25 02:33

developer   ~0024217

I would expect the program would be able to simply "recognize" a URL and mark it as unhyphenable.


2010-06-25 03:14

administrator   ~0024222

As usual, the "simply" part may be difficult ;)


2010-06-25 09:22

manager   ~0024227

please don't automatically recognize URLs.

but we should set everything up to be able to write a script which will avoid hyphenations for all URLs in a document.

that way we could:
- avoid hyphenation on any specific (and matching) type of content in a document (like DNA sequences... :-)
- tweak the script for the specific needs on URLs for each user (without having a huuuuge regexp to catch all and still miss some important corner case)


2020-10-26 15:33

manager   ~0048210

i think that 0010517 has a solution

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