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0009177ScribusGraphics / Image Framespublic2015-11-24 13:36
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Product Version1.3.3.14 
Summary0009177: Feature Request -- full path for Image in the Properties Dialog and/or Context Menu>Information
DescriptionI frequently create documents which include MANY images. I try to keep them in an Images sub-folder of the project folder. However, within the Images folder, I have many sub-folders. Often I find that I cannot remember the full path of a given image. I can get this information from the Script > Extract text, but I have to save the resulting text and then open that file with a text editor.

It would be most useful to me to have the information more readily available. Two example possibilities would be:
1. In the context menu, when I right click on the image, in the "Info" tab, instead of just the file name, it would be good to show the full path (this could be in the "More Info" sub-tab if that is easier.
2. Even better would be to include this information in the Properties Window, possibly under the Image tab (or spinbox if that is what it is called), or as a separate tab called something like "Location of Image on Disk"

Best would be to have the information in both places. It is possible that this would also be useful to text frames as well, though most of the time I simply enter the text into Scribus directly rather than importing it from a text or OpenOffice file.

Steps To ReproduceN/A: This is not really a bug, it is a feature request so "Steps to Reproduce" does not really apply.
Additional InformationMy version, SVN is not in the pull down list above, so I selected as being the closest match.
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2010-06-16 07:49

manager   ~0024102

what about removing the "info" entry from the context menu and show those information in the image / text tab of the properties palette?


2010-06-18 20:53

administrator   ~0024125

The space in either info or the PP is limited, and if we finally get to rewrite the PP, it will be even smaller. What about the Status Bar?


2010-06-19 08:45

manager   ~0024134

let's keep as few options as possible in the status bar.

the idea of removing the info entry from the context menu, is to make it more accessible.

directly showing the info in the status bar would probably expose to much information.

adding a button to the status bar would wouldn't make the information better accessible.

adding the info to a palette (PP or own palette) would make possible to click on several frames and see the current information about it.


2010-06-19 20:52

administrator   ~0024150

I mentioned the status bar because it provides enough horizontal space for long path names. For everything else we already have the image manager.

Also, I wasn't talking about a button, just the info about the path.


2010-06-23 16:24

reporter   ~0024192

This is related to 0009091 and 0009093.

"... a palette (PP or own palette) would make possible to click on several frames and see the current information about it. ..."

That's right, it is visually efficient = productivity+: having a palette show the information (plain text or tabulated text is plenty) of currently selected item sounds like a very good idea to me.

IMHO, adding another window is the way to go. A palette that would display (not for navigation, just display) current information (plain text) such as, image path/name, attributes, layer, first 50 characters of text frames, etc. better yet, user changeable options to activate or not a given piece of info.


2010-06-23 17:00

reporter   ~0024194

Another idea... What about using the "Outline" palette? There could be another panel below or above the document tree-view to show the mentioned information of the selected frame.


2010-06-24 10:37

reporter   ~0024198

I agree with christoph, IM is enough, though it has few things to improve:
- it shouldn't monopolize window focus;
- image path should be available for selection and copying;
- image search should be upgraded for searching multiple images.


2010-06-24 10:40

reporter   ~0024199

One more idea: may be "open image folder" button would be useful; may be it should replace "goto" button in IM (which is very similar to "Select" button, but for sure can be useful sometimes).


2015-10-25 22:38

updater   ~0036925

StefanM wrote in 0010229:0026821
I would not like a filename display in PP.

Properties Palette is already overcrowded with info.

Workaround: If you turn off image-display, the filename is witten inside the image frame. (but not wrapped :-) 

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