Scheduled For Release 2017-12-31
0012515: [User Interface] Suggestion to improve indication that Scribus is in Master Pages edit mode
0010661: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Pasting from MacOSX Pages discards text formatting.
0000553: [User Interface] two clicks on object enable rotating
0001123: [Printing] Save printer settings
0003930: [User Interface] Automatic scrolling
0009786: [Styles] Style manager always opens to the right
0002841: [Shape Drawing] start a selection and try to go beyond the visible page. scribus does not automatically scroll up/down
0009527: [General] simply selecting guide can move it (a problem if for example working w/ align&distribute dialog)
0012206: [User Interface] Bad display of Picture Browser
0010128: [General] let the user add new document sizes in the preferences (cbradney)
0010192: [General] [Patch] Virtual page number in addition to strict page number (cezaryece)
0007563: [Graphics / Image Frames] Preflight Verifier: report underfull image frames (subik)
0000967: [Printing] CLI option -p (cbradney)
0016671: [User Interface] Support for Universal macOS binary / Apple Silicon (cbradney)
0014676: [Color Management] Support for the Color Exchange Format (CxF) (jghali)
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