Scheduled For Release 2020-02-25
Bugs and Features that possess some degree of importance but have no assigned release date yet.
0015729: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Orphans and widows options don’t behave as expected
0003345: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Paste text without formatting
0009990: [Fonts] Feature request to easily edit font list display
0012494: [User Interface] + and - should be the default keys for zooming in and out
0014604: [General] New exported anchors marks /OR/ store marks pagenumber into SLA
0014587: [Usability] Scribus doesn't explain why some images cannot be imported
0014124: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Column for Line Numbers in Marks Manager
0009320: [Import / Export] Not able to export in vector mode ...
0011033: [General] add a lock layout button
0011081: [Styles] Height of 'fixed' line should not be hardcoded to 15 (but instead a generated number based on chosen char size)
0009497: [Scrapbook] have a way to set the displayed name for the scrapbook
0012061: [Scrapbook] Scrapbook dragndrop should trigger snapping
0006880: [General] Flip items without flipping their content
0004713: [General] Keep text on a path editable (directly on canvas)
0012895: [PDF] When PDF text is reflowed in Adobe Acrobat XI, spaces are missing
0010672: [Canvas] Add an option to rotate the canvas...
0011366: [User Interface] Uneven display of strokes of selected frames
0012932: [Plug-ins] Provide an API for plugins
0013244: [Usability] Broken Application Flow
0013182: [Scripter] Scripter Console dialog to have buttons instead of using dropdown
0004854: [General] Option to save the action history with a document (in order to undo/redo across sessions)
0001630: [User Interface] A macro recorder to build a script automatically from users actions. (Tsoots)
0009507: [User Interface] Modal dialogs block access to the Help Browser
0004579: [General] Document statistics
0013113: [-] HLC Colour Picker
0013119: [General] A better way to organise colour palettes
0013120: [User Interface] Improvements to the colour editor
0013087: [3rd Party] PyLaTeX - A Python library for creating LaTeX files
0010703: [Import / Export] Enhancement Request: Import Graphics via HTTP or URI/URL
0003111: [User Interface] Improvement of color management/ICC options
0003343: [General] Let guides snap to objects
0000460: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Drop caps with more than one character
0001137: [Graphics / Image Frames] More possibilities to choose text wrap and text flow around picture frames
0007976: [User Interface] Ability to hide text in frames (blocks of grey instead of rendered glyphs?) to speed up screen disaply
0002876: [User Interface] "hide all but this layer" button/shortcut in the layers palette
0006517: [Fonts] Document specific font paths (define a Fontpath just for one specific document)
0011061: [Import / Export] Warn at PDF export if overprinting is used
0005643: [Fonts] Activation of freshly installed fonts without app restart
0005940: [Usability] Add systemwide busy cursor while waiting for Scribus to finish the work
0004683: [PDF] Printing marks (crop, bleed, color bars, etc.): Size settings needed
0003403: [Story Editor / Text Frames] trapping zones and trapping styles
0002100: [General] Tab leader alignment
0000185: [General] Allow frames on master pages to have content when applied to normal pages.
0005928: [Usability] control of page numbers in Master Pages to include parallel page numbering etc.
0000835: [General] RTM (Real Time Measurement) attached to guides and frames
0002663: [Styles] indexing
0001421: [General] Forcing measurement ruler to snap to increments of 45 degrees (or like)...
0004170: [General] Custom guides colors
0008007: [Usability] add support for sticky notes
0001663: [User Interface] ability to assign shortcut keys to the running of a script
0006829: [Import / Export] Display resulting file size in the "Export as Image(s)" dialog
0012800: [Import / Export] Loss of italics formatting after importing *.odt files and applying paragraph styles
0005174: [General] Auto Guides can't be used for the distribution of items
0012134: [General] Opening the Master Page dialog is recorded as a document change
0011182: [Language Tools] [Multi-threading] Launching the new spellchecker takes extremely long
0000990: [Plug-ins] Mail-Merge (update: Scribus Generator) (ale)
0002128: [Fonts] Cache font info for startup (avox)
0000238: [General] New CL option: scribus --to-pdf <scribus-file> <output.pdf> (cbradney)
0011630: [Usability] Moving Scrapbook items precisely into position is difficult (outline the shape would be nice) (fschmid)
0002205: [Import / Export] PSD import doesn't work if the image is grayscale or in 16bit depth (fschmid)
0005206: [Import / Export] Support for DOCX (OpenXML) import/export (fschmid)
0013144: [Import / Export] Incorrect import of FH10 file (fschmid)
0013121: [Import / Export] Read/write support for Adobe Swatch Exchange files (fschmid)
0013110: [Import / Export] Option to extract and edit clipping paths from raster files (fschmid)
0016450: [Properties Palette] Add 90° "rotate left" "rotate right" buttons (nitramr)
0005750: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Break text by unlinking text frames (avox)
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