Scheduled For Release 2017-06-30
0011676: [Shape Drawing] symmetrical control points doesn't support length deviation
0012195: [User Interface] [PATCH] more progressive unzoom when < 100%
0017023: [Translation] Strange placeholder/suffix for strings in ts file on Transifex
0011551: [Tables] Table/cell indication is clumsy
0011357: [User Interface] Improve Symbols Dialog
0016740: [Import / Export] Pre-Flight verifier finds no issues but still requires "Ignore issues"
0007287: [Shape Drawing] Add to ability change basepoint of lines
0004751: [Usability] Some file dialogs use unreasonable default directories
0010690: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Unwanted change in text size
0012809: [User Interface] Style edit Dialog shrinks after deleting style
0010417: [Fonts] Missing font is proposed to replace missing font
0008211: [Typography] English Hypenation makes too many errors
0009306: [Templates] deleting a custom template does not delete its files from ~/.scribus/templates/{template_name}/
0011045: [Translation] rename clipping options in the pre-press tab
0011679: [Shape Drawing] Incorrect Line Pattern
0011729: [Shape Drawing] Explicit Point for Rotation Base
0009588: [User Interface] Missing error message when pasting on locked background shape
0011560: [User Interface] "Is Locked" attribute functionality doesn't match documentation
0009937: [Styles] More options in line styles
0013772: [Import / Export] ODT Document importer doesn't understand all styles
0013893: [Import / Export] Some text wrapping is broken / renders differently when opening a Scribus 1.4.x file with Scribus 1.5.2
0012246: [Shape Drawing] Provide more "out" line ends (arrows)
0005806: [PDF] PDFs generated using export aren't always reliably searchable in Acrobat reader in certain conditions
0010555: [Shape Drawing] objects drawn to grid, exceed grid by linewidth.
0013789: [Internal] Interpret ~ (home directory) symbol in Export/Save fields
0006270: [General] Invalid position X,Y inside PDF link POP UP menu.
0007754: [Shape Drawing] Import contour line
0004317: [User Interface] Allow docking of a tabbed version of the entries in the "Windows" menu
0007663: [OS-Win32] network inline image path wrong
0011112: [Canvas] still some blurred frame borders...
0011861: [Plug-ins] [Barcode] Allow for storing barcode-related data within a SLA file, so these can be edited after creation
0013149: [Import / Export] 1.5.x doesn't load .sla grouped items correctly.
0013395: [Printing] Picture's shadow not printed
0012661: [User Interface] Wording for "pattern" = "symbols"
0010676: [Shape Drawing] editing bezier curves may be impossible on some backgrounds
0011092: [Shape Drawing] Default "habillage" mode in preference
0003543: [Shape Drawing] seperate top/right/bottom/left border options
0007137: [User Interface] Support Icon Naming Spec for Themes
0013713: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Character attributes of bullets in bullet-lists gets changed upon re-opening file (cbradney)
0003622: [Documentation] Allow Scribus to search for additional directories for docs
0009601: [Typography] (RFEs) wordwrap problem for Korea (and east Asia)
0012024: [Import / Export] Add a warning to the XPS exporter
0005503: [User Interface] Remove dividers between quotation marks entries (cbradney)
0012219: [General] PDF export directory presets
0003827: [Releases] Create an MSI package for Scribus
0006230: [Graphics / Image Frames] Feature request: alignment of images within an image frame
0001087: [Printing] Add Ignore Non-Printing setting to print dialog
0004663: [Fonts] Two different fonts with the same name should appear as two fonts in the font list (avox)
0010166: [Usability] Styles: Enter key in Name field opens New button drop-down menu
0013584: [Usability] Metabug: AutoSave & AutoRecover
0006553: [User Interface] Add some options for the Edit (or context) menu "edit image"
0001096: [Graphics / Image Frames] Picture frame padding
0007986: [Usability] add "sectioning" into Document Setup > Sections
0003423: [Story Editor / Text Frames] remaining problems with resizing multiple text boxes
0014030: [Scrapbook] cannot add three times an item with the same name to the scrapbook
0014176: [Usability] Insert Two Variable Text and Backspace --> Crash
0009656: [Canvas] impossible to move a guide if you click over an item
0005554: [General] Column-break is displayed as unknown character when added at the beginning of a paragraph
0007413: [Usability] Edit Contents of Frame should restrict user intervention only to content of a frame
0004901: [User Interface] Snapping guides interfere with the new autoframes
0007063: [Typography] Impossible to insert a NonBreakableSpace into the search replace text tool inside the Editor Ctrl+Y
0011574: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Usability : Pasting text should not paste the paragraph style
0008725: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Font settings for text frames in the Document Setup are ignored
0010235: [Usability] In Single Page mode you should Center the page in the Viewport (Ctrl+0)
0009123: [Styles] delete multiple paragraph styles
0001036: [User Interface] Severe performance problem on documents with very large number of linked frames
0011548: [Tables] Changing the settings for table borders in the PP doesn't affect the table or cells
0014019: [Language Tools] Readme file for permission of hyphenator file (cbradney)
0013278: [Translation] [OSX] Non-Switching Translation of OSX System Dropdowns
0014046: [Usability] The link textframe icon changes between it's starting position and when actually using it
0008100: [User Interface] Two-Way Arrow for line-handle movement is broken
0008119: [Story Editor / Text Frames] All text Effects (like Subscript/Superscript) not working as expected
0013114: [Usability] Preferences > Page Sizes does not report any page size, just format names
0009260: [Templates] File is copied even if "Save as Template" has been cancelled
0007584: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Automatic Textframes of generated new page are at the wrong position
0011046: [Usability] Adding page w/Text frames in to preexisting Automatic Text Frames will bump said text frames to last page outside of canvas
0010171: [Usability] Default zoom stepping to big
0011750: [Tables] Clicking inside currently edited table's cell should move editing place where the click has occured
0012466: [Styles] Using previously imported style, text displays as squares glyphs (occurs when parent style doesn't get imported w/ child style)
0003503: [Import / Export] FileWatcher removes item preview if file save in another app takes too long
0009043: [General] Edit->"Advanced Select All" does not function correctly on "Current page"
0004662: [General] Switching basic document layout leaves master pages intact (AKA updating single to double or vice-versa doesn't +/- masterpage)
0012414: [OS-MacOSX] Qt Touchpad event: OSX two finger tap on mouse trackpad triggers a scroll event along with right click menu
0013698: [Canvas] Missing Redraw of Selected Page Border
0001060: [User Interface] Permit negative degrees in Rotation field within Properties > X,Y,Z tab (example: -30 degrees instead of 330 degrees)
0013887: [Shape Drawing] Arrows should snap to the end of the arrow (and not the base of the arrow instead) for margins/marks/grids/objects etc...
0008042: [Shape Drawing] Origins of straight line objects are calculated incorrectly
0010464: [User Interface] When moving mouse from selected object to scrollbar, the "hand" cursor remains on scrollbar
0004851: [Import / Export] Bullet lists in sxw files are imported as numbered lists
0010441: [Import / Export] SVG exports bad page numbers
0012424: [Canvas] Resizing Welded Items leads to strange results
0010963: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Cursor forgets position of text frame when opening Story Editor
0007804: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Apply paragraph style after column break skips 1st paragraph in second column
0011873: [Import / Export] Odd behaviour of items in imported IDML files
0013436: [Import / Export] Rendering artifacts (antialiasing) on imported PS file
0011775: [Usability] Link tool unexpected offset
0013237: [Plug-ins] [OSX] Some 128 barcodes series do not insert
0011952: [User Interface] Character Palette UI enhancements
0012225: [Undo/Redo] Undo is not able to restore a Barcode
0003426: [Internal] double clicking a sla file when scribus is already opened opens a second instance of scribus
0013701: [User Interface] Different OK/Cancel position across all UI (nitramr)
0006241: [Usability] Not possible to make mouse selection through multiple linked frames (avox)
0013709: [User Interface] Replace all UI and tooltip occurences of "Weld" with "Couple" (cbradney)
0001752: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Use selected text in SE search/replace as the basis for the search field
0009120: [Translation] Term for vector objects (cbradney)
0006428: [General] Line colour isn't displayed correctly if blend modes are applied (christoph_s)
0012271: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Search & Replace: screws formatting (ale)
0003096: [OS-Win32] Network shares unavailable on file open/save dialog (jghali)
0008446: [PDF] Wrong PDF Export of Shadowed and outlined Text with OTF Font (avox)
0004071: [PDF] Allow embedding fonts on a per page basis (avox)
0004422: [PDF] LinuxLibertine Bold Underline not correctly subsetted (christoph_s)
0003701: [Import / Export] PDF export: better UI for Font Embedding (avox)
0005322: [Language Tools] Hyphenation patterns distributed without license and copyright information (cbradney)
0012985: [Fonts] Improve font-checking script: discards potentially dangerous fonts during launch (avox)
0013717: [Qt5 Port] SE Tooltips popup far from their actual source (Kunda)
0011542: [Import / Export] Issue with table rendering in IDML files (fschmid)
0008254: [Printing] Page becomes rotated 90 degrees clockwise when printing to postscript level 3 (fschmid)
0004379: [Download Manager] Basic pattern sets for inclusion in Scribus (cbradney)
0005584: [Fonts] problem with transparency of an icon in the font replacement dialog (avox)
0003825: [Import / Export] Scribus embeds formerly used fonts (avox)
0011891: [Import / Export] Page selector needed for multi-page XAR, IDML, VIVA XML, PUB files (fschmid)
0011546: [Import / Export] PUB import: Characters not imported correctly (fschmid)
0011660: [Import / Export] IDML import : inter-line vertical space not imported correctly (fschmid)
0007799: [Canvas] bigger canvas scroll area (christoph_s)
0009515: [General] Converting to image frame doesn't work for combined polygons (fschmid)
0013063: [General] Debug output when moving icons (cbradney)
0008023: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Quotation marks menu not very usable (cbradney)
0004187: [OS-Win32] (De)Installer removes files added by user (jghali)
0012514: [OS-MacOSX] Scribus Logo swapped for Qt logo on SLA window header (cbradney)
0002063: [OS-MacOSX] Integration into Mac Color Tool (jghali)
0009551: [Documentation] Add the 1.4 file format specification to to the docs (christoph_s)
0007604: [Scripter] New Scripter Dialog Request (subik)
0001398: [Import / Export] Improve memory efficiency of raster image export (jghali)
0004938: [Usability] Guides are applied even if guide manager is closed (subik)
0009716: [PDF] Layer-based bookmark (PDF) disable option. (fschmid)
0007393: [PDF] NeedAppearances flag (fschmid)
0017150: [Properties Palette] Hatch colors are not part of getNamedResources() (nitramr)
0017056: [Canvas] Page margin rect inherits drop shadow properties of line item (jghali)
0017087: [User Interface] Spiral Edit Dialog doesn't allow angle greater than 360° (jghali)
0014056: [User Interface] Drag/Drop of ODT to text frame should trigger the OpenDocument Importer menu (cbradney)
0017039: [General] Crash on startup if file recovery fails (jghali)
0016780: [Scripter] Add in scripter function to get the page numner of an item (cbradney)
0011718: [Usability] Functional problems with rulers and guide lines (jghali)
0014147: [General] Scribus eventually will need to use new smart pointers (unique_ptr and shared_ptr) (jghali)
0005530: [Styles] a style named "No Style" behaves wrong (ale)
0008118: [Scripter] Allow get/set of item attributes in scripter (jghali)
0013614: [Translation] Non-translatable date format codes in PDF fields (cbradney)
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